Wednesday 22 June 2011

Crafty News Desk

Greetings from a sick and sorry Crafty News Editor.
I have been laid low with a flu virus since Sunday night and have only just come out from under the duvet. 

Can I ask anyone who reads this, if you have any news items you would like to share with us all, please add the details underneath in the comments.  If there are any aspiring reporters out there who are considering taking the seat at the Crafty News Desk in July, now is a good time to try it out.

I will be back behind the desk again next Monday.

Till then
take care


  1. If it helps to pad things out, I recently updated my fundraiser's homepage:

    ...and I'm looking for contributing artists

  2. Mo, you didn't get that flu when you were here in Belfast??? I have a rotten runny nose, but I think it's an allergy rather than a cold, still very annoying though.

    Get well soon, and look after yourself! Lots of bed rest and hot drinks and some mega TLC!!!

    A news item from your friendly neighbourhood blog co-ordinator: the latest Treasury Challenge is still open, so team, get your skates on!!!

  3. get well soon Mo. Isn't that your second dose this year? Mind yerself.

  4. Thanks for info Mrs. Mouse.

    No Purls, didnt get the dose in Belfast, picked it up at the market on Sunday. So staying under the covers till its gone....

    Ta Anne-Marie, yes tis the 2nd dose - must up my vit C.....