Tuesday 24 May 2011

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!

It's my pleasure to introduce you to our latest group of Etsy Ireland members. We have nine great new shops to browse. So if you get a chance over the next couple of days please pay them a visit and drop off a few hearts.

Above from left to right:

Party Time flowers and blue three tier cake stand by Aunty Apples Refinery;

Crystal show dog jewellery collar by mrleppy;

Turquoise Cocktail Ring by V Designs.

Above from left to right:

Bless Our Crooked Little Home 8x10 typography illustration by ThePrintMakers;

Personalised Golf Towel by PersonalPresence;

Angela Necklace by AphZeph.

Above from left to right:

Spring Angel Art Doll by Button Angels;

Fresh Summer Daisies by Haidee's Art;

and last but not least Ray Of Light crocheted LED tealight lantern by HeliCreations.

Great to have you all on board and looking forward to seeing more fabulous things popping up from you in the near future. Until next time....


  1. Welcome to all new members! Your shops are fabulous!

  2. I love seeing all the new members to the team. You're all so very welcome.