Thursday, 5 May 2011

Spring into Handmade Summer

May Day! May Day! Summer is on the way already and I’m way behind on stocking up my shop with fun and brightly coloured accessories for the coming season.

We’ve had glorious weather here in Ireland lately. We never know if this is our only chance for a summer. So the minute the sun tentatively pokes its head out, the unmistakeable aroma of BBQ hits our nostrils like a pungent dose of smelling salts.

One swallow does not a summer make, unless you’re in Ireland, that is. So I guess it’s time for listing such goodies as travel and beach accessories again.

I intended building up a dedicated bridal section in my shop, but I kind of got distracted by the such things as The Royal Wedding. (Ah, it was lovely though, wasn’t it?) But there’s time yet to bead up a few more pretty little dainty things. After all, Summer does not hold a monopoly on weddings.
At least I remembered that May heralds First Holy Communion for many an Irish child.

I’ll never forget my Communion Day, maybe not for the ‘correct’ reasons, but rather for my initiation into the world of lace and pearls, pretty accessories and my very own jewellery that I was actually allowed to wear. (A teenchy silver Christening bracelet imprisoned away in my mother’s jewellery box did not count.)

Oh dear, what a slippery slope into frivolity and beaded debauchery my 1st Communion led to.

I can hear my aunts, ‘The Nuns’ scolding me now for my naughty lack of reverence, but every 7 year-old Catholic girl secretly knows that the white bag and the flower clips are every bit as important as the beautiful and meaningful prayer book.

Seriously though, I was actually a little angel... underneath it all...
Though the peak season for birthdays in the Western world is apparently mid-August to early October, the peak month for this side of Summer is reportedly, May. One thing is for sure, birthdays are always in season.

Looking ahead to June events as a source for inspiration, this year Fathers day is 19th of June in Ireland, the UK and North America. The Special Olympics are in Athens from 25 June to 4 July. Pearls are the gem for June and this post on pearls, written a whole year ago, may still be of use.

And my personal favourite, Bloomsday celebrates James Joyce’s Ulysses on and around June 16th. The literary festival gives people a chance to dress up and take part: plenty of scope for Edwardian style clothes and accessories so! Oh what fun!

Lastly, lest you can't find it, Etsy's merchandising desk gives an update on international trends each month.


  1. That is full of very helpful info - thanks Anne-Marie.
    I just love the way you write - always makes me smile - and has me nodding along saying . .yip. . me too . .
    thanks for including my cuffs - love weddings.

  2. Hey Anne-Marie,
    yet another great article, where do you pick up all your info???? You know, I think there is the makings of a book there with all the great articles you have written.....
    I do hope our Summer has not come and gone!!!! Cheers

  3. Personal Presence5 May 2011 at 15:49

    Your thoughts pretty much echo mine - and I never knew there was such a thing as a peak season for birthdays. I thought that was an all year round thing.........
    Love it!

  4. Brilliant article, AM! Love the way you weave all this information together, and the products you choose are always so beautiful. I am eyeing up that 80s shirt with very strong longing...