Tuesday, 31 May 2011

A Huge Warm Welcome......

It's my pleasure to introduce you to our latest group of Etsy Ireland members. We have nine fab new shops to browse. So if you get a chance over the next couple of days please visit and drop off a few hearts.

Above from left to right:

Swarovski Beaded Heart in Montana AB by the green peach;

Wood Fine Art Sculpture Modern Framed, Painting, 11x11 by Art Glamour;

Handmade Vintage Postcard by De Vintage Studio.

Above from left to right:

Blue Hat Fascinator with Flowers by Whatever Gets You True;

Leo. Drawstring pouch with vintage black silk Japanese kimono by Bohemian Cats;

Blue sparkly earrings by Delicious Art Glass.

Above from left to right, one member three more shops!:

Merman Demon Prague sling pouch with long shoulder strap. Copper pure silk backing. from Baba Studio Prague;

Hungarian silk embroidery - gorgeous lavenders, greens and pinks on black ground. Found in Prague from Baba Vintage;

and last but not least Danse Macabre. Bohemian Gothic sling pouch with long shoulder strap. Teal pure silk. from Baba Laptopbags.

Great to have you all on board and looking forward to seeing more great things popping up from you in the near future. And don't forget to our new members you can check out how many hearts you receive at a glance here. Until next time....


  1. Welcome! :)

    On a side note though... I thought EtsyIreland was open only to members with shops in Ireland? *confused*

  2. Na Lisa,

    We welcome people from Ireland as well as people living here and we welcome some non Irish people living abroad who are moving to Ireland aswell :)