Thursday, 12 May 2011

Creative Burnout?

("Take a breath" from Devintagestudio)

Running a small creative business on your own is not easy. You do everything from being the designer, maker, ideas person, seller, stall holder, IT whizz kid and super communicator with nerves of steel to being your own clever bookkeeper, accountant and tax expert. You might also have another full- or part-time job and family commitments.

 ("Reds in my head" Photograph by mariposavintage)


Have I forgotten something?

No wonder that sometimes amongst all this buzz, the creative juices dry up. Suddenly everything goes blank, and you just don't want to pick up another bead, knitting needle, crochet hook, fabric, needle, wire, paint brush, button or piece of wood ever again.

So what can you do to bring back your creative mojo? Your friendly Etsy Ireland team blog has a few suggestions:

Get a good night's sleep. Life looks better after some kip!
(Painting by Art by Trudi)

Loaf around in your PJs and do sweet nothing at all until you are so bored that the ideas flood back in
(PJ top from thelittlebluecottage)

Forget the diet, grab some delicious food and indulge! 
(Cupcake by BeeLiciousCrafts)

Pamper yourself - have a relaxing bath, light a candle, surround yourself with lovely smells...don't think about having to create something, just be...

Move your body! Go to the gym, do some Yoga or Tai Chi, stretch...let the body work and the mind rest! (Yoga bag by mukkymonkey)

Go out for a walk and let your legs and mind wander. If you can combine the walk with a holiday, even better! (Photo by Michael Prior)

Dance - nothing better than dancing the worries away. Dance in the kitchen, in your bathroom, in your slippers, your birthday suit...
(Extra large bath sheet towel by Personal Presence)

("Dancing is like dreaming with your feet" by Fairytea)

 Have a good yarn, laughter or moan and groan with friends! In the flow of conversation, new ideas grow!
(Lil mohawk hats by justynajustyna)

What do you do when creativity is at its lowest? Do share in the comments below.


Thanks to AM - without her inspiration there would have been a blank page on this blog today!


  1. Reading. It relaxes the mind and you can escape the daily grind!

  2. Well done Purls. Creative block inspired you? Oh I love the irony of it :-)

  3. I loved this article - but my comment wouldn't comment because of blog problems!! So here it is.
    I usually try to kick start my creative mojo with cupcakes and Jameson (not usually together- but sometimes)!
    I will try AM's suggestion of sleep (I stay working FAR too late) and perhaps dancing . . I really like that one.
    Thanks Anne Marie - that made me smile.

  4. MAry I didn't write this, Brigitte of Purls of Colour did!

  5. Oops!!!
    Sorry Brigitte - I got confused by comment reference to AM.
    Where does it say article author - I often find it a search for that?
    Would love the writer's name under the article title.
    So, I was thanking the wrong person for all the dancing I was doing today then !!!!

  6. Ooops, I thought I had mentioned myself! Better fix that - just fixed the wonky labels with the strange symbols!