Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome...

Today we have nine beautiful shops from our newest members for your browsing pleasure. Please click, click, click and leave a few hearts.

Above from left to right:

Handfasting Cord - True Teal by NiamhTrua;

Knitting and Needlework artists greeting card by ideacreativegifts;

Newborn mouse beanie hat by Ger O'Dowd.

Above from left to right:

Butterfly Dome Shaped Pendant, in Gold & Turquoise by Wild Expression;

A4 Print - My Imaginative Mind by Makissima;

Girls fashion scarf from Auds and Ends.

Above from left to right:

Sparkly Crystal European Style Bracelet from Nadur Jewels;

Stream in the himalayas from Michael Prior Photography;

One of a kind art piece from hansel and petal studios.

A huge warm welcome to all of you, wishing you lots of sales & fun on Etsy. Until next time....


  1. Everyone welcome!!! You have been hearted!!
    Michael your photos rock!!!

  2. Lovely shops! Welcome on board!

  3. welcome :D Off to heart, but I have a feeling I already have hearted some of you ;)
    (Cherry Blossom Tattoo)

  4. Welcome to the team!!! So much talent here :)

  5. a warm welcome to all of you!