Thursday 7 April 2011

Simon, the travelling gecko

"It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to." 
(Bilbo Baggins, The Fellowship Of The Ring)

A little toy gecko is curious about the world and has decided to step onto the road, travel the world, or rather, Ireland first, get to know the Etsy Ireland team and broaden his horizon. He is causing quite a stir, cheer and laughter amongst many of our members, who have agreed to open their front doors and allowing Simon to get to know their homes and way of life.

But who is this Simon, you may ask?

Carrie from Cherryblossomtattoo explains:

Simon came into my life about 6 years ago. He was delivered by Santa (aka my cousin Alison) on Christmas Eve and was an instant hit in the house. He wanted to live in the bathroom where it would be warm and near to the water - he doesn’t remember much about the time about that Christmas but his instincts told him he would like it there.

Simon never knew his parents, he doesn’t even know their names or indeed his own surname. Tis sad but Santa told him that he knew a little (as Santa does see everything as we are all aware) and Simon’s parents had always been on the 'Good List'. They had been UN officals, it seems Geckos are not without War and Poverty, and had been assassinated just after he was born. So sad. Simon doesn’t like to talk about this.

So anyway, Simon has lived in my various bathrooms for these last 6 yrs. But now that he is a man and has recently moved bathrooms 3 times in the past 18 months he feels maybe he should see more of the world. Often books are left in the bathroom and products lay sitting around with exotic sounding countries written on them that his curiosity has now got the better of him. He wishes to be seen as a Goodwill Ambassdor for the Etsy Ireland Team (his parents would be so proud) and just wants to bring the group closer together whilst also broadening his horizons. He loves to learn.

 One of Simon's inspirations, bees (Button by Patchworkdelights on Etsy)

So the (k)nitty gritty about Simon:
  • He is Single and actually has never had a romantic relationship.
  • He is ticklish.
  • He is allergic to peanuts.
  • His favourite number is 3. He hates the numbers 1 and 2, they remind him of the ugly side of living in the bathroom!!!.... those lesser numbers are the one thing that makes him angry.
  • His favourite song is 'It’s Raining Men'; he loves Disco, loves to dance.
  • His favourite colour is 'red, no, green, no red, no....' .his favourite colours are red and green.
  • His inspiration in life are Bees. He feels that they defy the laws of Physics; Newton’s Laws of Gravity to be specfic. They are memerising being so big and heavy in comparison to their wings yet able to fly! 'Wow' says Simon 'they are amazing and make me feel like I too can achieve the impossible. This trip all over Ireland seemed impossible but look, it’s happening!'
  • He loves sweeties and cakes, they are his favourite food.
  • He has no eyelids - but fear not this is perfectly normal, his tongue licks his eyes to keep them clean :)

Simon has his own page on Carrie's Blog, where you can find out everything about his travels. Our blog, of course, will also keep tabs on Simon, and there is a button on the left-hand side where you can click through to Simon's Page.

Plenty of bunting to see at Simon's first stop - and it is even in his favourite colour!

The Crafty Ireland team wishes Simon all the best for his journey, which will take him first to Kilkenny to meet Thistle Patch!

Good Luck Simon, and we are proud to have you as our Goodwill Ambassador for all things Etsy Ireland.


  1. LOL, crazy girls! I'm looking forward to Simon's visit and so is my little frog. I wonder how many crafts he will learn along the way? Oh, and should get the postal companies to sponsor his trip heheh :-)

  2. I love my Simon - he is making me so proud (wipes away tear).

  3. Tell Simon we are all looking forward to meeting him and making him feel at home.

  4. This is the greatest idea ever!

    Could I have him visiting over as well?
    I can even bake him a cake when he arrives!

    And there's a few guys who'd love to meet him here, they already got excited about the idea...

  5. I have made a treasury for Simon

    Happy Travels, be brave!

  6. WOW,I just found this site and I love it :)