Thursday, 14 April 2011

Let's Seek Inspiration: Crafty Ireland Field Trips

Hi there, Anne-Marie of Handmade by Amo'r here initiating a new element to the team, purely for fun, inspiration and for networking purposes. How about getting together for informal, cultural or craft-related visits, locally and perhaps eventually, further afield?

After a busy winter and holiday season, I fell into a bit of a creative wasteland. Between New Year and March I was mainly listing a backlog of items I previously hadn't had time to photograph and did very little actual crafting.

However, after a short, flying visit to the Museum of Decorative Arts at Collins Barracks recently, I came away refreshed and bursting with ideas. Though I only had time for a quick overview, I found the furniture collections and 'The Way We Wore' exhibition particulalry inspiring. I knew I had to go back for a proper look soon.

That got me thinking that it would be nice to occasionally meet up with like-minded people to visit art or craft exhibitions etc, especially now, in the Year of Craft. So I thought why not introduce this as a social side to the Crafty Ireland Team and help keep our imaginations fired up?
To get the ball rolling, a small group of us are meeting this Saturday, 16th April at the Museum of Decorative Arts. Meet up time/details are in this private discussion thread if any more team members would like to join us. You are more than welcome! Directions there can be found on the museum's site.

(hope I don't get into trouble for pinching this map from their website....)

We hope this is just the first of several crafty outings. As members can't come up to the capital every time we organise something here in Dublin, I would really love to see this happen at a local level around the country. Perhaps this will inspire you to organise an afternoon out in your city or area. Any team member can organise something similar by simply starting up a private team discussion on Etsy.

Map of Ireland Paper Sculpture by Little White Dog

In addition to permanent museums, galleries, craft markets etc, this year there is a plethora of exhibitions and events on to celebrate the year of craft so you're bound to find something within travelling distance. Oh, and bring your cameras and please do let us know how you got on!


  1. I am rather envious that something is happening in Dublin I cannot be at ;)

    However, this is such a fabulous idea, and I just got some inspiration...will post in our discussion thread.

  2. Well done Anne-Marie,
    another great idea.

  3. Love this idea! I can think of many uses for this...and would make a great gift!! Thanks for sharing!