Thursday 21 April 2011

Irish Heatwave!

Mellow Yellow Vintage 1950s dress from Dandelion Daydreamer

April has been unusually warm this year in Ireland, and forecasts predict a lovely sunny and warm Easter weekend. Usually I don't believe the weathermen (and women), but it has been heating up these last few days, and everything is in full bloom in our garden - much earlier than last year. I have mating bees on my window sill, and too many rather large eight-legged intruders in my flat for my liking, so I feel like we are having a very early summer. Pessimists predict that this might be the only summer we are getting, but we won't go there...

Wool silk felted scarf by FeltFieltroFilk

As a knitter, I should be switching to light yarns such as cotton, linen and bamboo, but as yet, I feel drawn to thick handspun wool - maybe there is a pessimist lurking in my mind, telling me this is too good to last. And usually in Ireland, you always need your woolies all year 'round, and the evenings can still be chilly.

Oh Sweet Garden How I love thee - ACEO by Designbirdie

I have now moved all my crafting to the garden, where I am soaking up the rays. The wooden table and chair have been dragged out, dusted and set up. Surrounded by blossoms and serenaded by loud tweets (not of the computer kind, but we have one bird which sounds like a mobile phone) I sit rather merrily in our garden and knit.

However, I get no spinning done these days, since my fibre would probably end up in the bushes in the breeze. Last year, an empty bird's nest was blown out of a tree, and when I looked at it, I could see some very bright blue fibre woven into the twigs - obviously, some of my rovings made it there...

Panda Hooded Scarf with Pockets by Bee Licious Crafts

Ireland in the sun is a strange beast - for a start, those visitors looking for rainy, misty and mystical Ireland will be disappointed. No rain, no mist, no mystery, but an awful lot of very sunburnt red and raw skin, especially on men - yes, you guys need to start using some protection...but we ladies have told you that for decades...

Harem/Yoga pants by LunaBruja
Also, you suddenly see a lot of people out and about, people who have so far been huddled up in their houses, clutching cups of tea and turning the heating up. Now they are out on the roads jogging, cycling and walking, even sitting outside pubs and cafes - often wearing shorts and t-shirts in temperatures which would make everybody else still reach for a cardigan. I am no exception - I was out in a sleeveless vest top and silk harem pants at 10pm. Yeah, Hiberniores Hibernis ipsis...

This weekend, if the weather holds, people will head to the beach, and I bet some will even go for a swim in the sea...which always amazes me, because the water is absolutely freezing, but still, once the sun is out, there is no stopping people here, no matter if it's April or August (and the water is always cold, always!). So in this case, I'm definitely not Níos Gaelaí ná na Gaeil iad féin...

And of course, there will be the smell of barbies (barbecues) everywhere - probably by Saturday, you won't be able to get a sausage.

I wonder if the chocolate Easter eggs will melt...

Ireland in the sun...may the good weather last!!!
Happy Crafting outside everyone!


  1. Nice post Purls
    ....oooooh I do like sunny weather and we are certaily having a great spell at the moment. Hope you can all get out and enjoy it.
    Happy Easter

  2. superb post Brig - LOVE it xxxx

  3. heatwave! love it!

    seriously, yesterday I was so warm after my walk to the p.o. I had to jump in a cold shower just to cool off. it's lovely!

  4. Hear Hear - Long may it last :D

  5. that's gas - even the birds love purls of colour to brighten their nest

  6. Thanks :)

    Another gorgeous day, spent mostly in the garden sewing and knitting!

    Rachel, my flat was so warm this morning, I also jumped into the shower to cool down.