Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Fondelifair - Ireland's first online craft community & marketplace

Fondelifair.com is a new website dedicated to Arts and Crafts. Fondelifair is a Social Community, a Blog Host and Marketplace.

Creator and Founder of Fondelifair, Alice, explains, "People blog about crafts, people sell their crafts online, people talk on forums about their crafts. But there is no site that lets you do all of this in the one place, this is why I developed Fondelifair".

Fondelifair features an interactive web community that offers a variety of hand-made, unique, speciality items for shoppers who are looking for quality and originality. Fondelifair is also a platform for art enthusiasts and hobbyists to share information about upcoming art exhibits, craft fairs, and art & craft classes through the Fondelifair Blog and Events Calendar.

Whatever your passion, Fondelifair will facilitate you in meeting others who share your passion. From complete beginners to the more experienced, whether you’re looking for tips on how to improve your technique or ideas for new projects, Fondelifair is sure to please.

As well as Fondelifair being a social network where you can blog and share tips on the forums you can also sell your wares in your own store with a variety of quirky and cool store themes to choose from. Fondelifair caters for all tastes! So all in all it’s a handy way to trade from the comfort of your own home, or test trade and see if your products sell.

Fondelifair has over twenty five listed Guilds from Knitting to Wood Craft and Card Making to Doll Making, so whatever it is you’re into you’ll meet lots of like minded individuals on Fondelifair. As well as all of this if you currently already have a blog and you would like Fondelifair to host your blog that's no problem either.

The Crafts Council of Ireland and Craft Northern Ireland have designated 2011 as Year of Craft. This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Crafts Council of Ireland and will be celebrated through a diverse rang of dynamic events and programmes to showcase the very best of craft made on the island of Ireland, so there’s never been a better time to dust down the sewing machines, dig out the old acrylics and have a go at some home made card making - maybe even make earn some income out of your former passion before we all lost the run of ourselves. Let’s get back to basics, revive some semblance of a cottage industry in your own home and preserve our craft skills - and do you know something? We’ll all feel better for it …working for ourselves.

Fondelifair is free to join the community and for a basic blog, but if you would like more features on your blog, including a store, there is an Elite Membership which is €25 per year.

Fondelifair is due to launch on May 30th, so we are offering a FREE Elite membership until May 22nd by emailing info@fondelifair.com with your Fondelifair username and blog URL.


  1. interesting!
    looking forward to seeing it go live.
    thanks for sharing it with us, purls!

  2. thanks for posting Purls. Need to give this another in-depth look myself.

  3. Awesome, thanks for this round up of stores in Blr! Do you also know where I can get self adhesive magnetic tapes in Blr, the ones we can cut and use for making fridge magnets?

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