Monday, 21 March 2011

Crafty News Desk

Greetings from the Crafty News Desk on another sunny but cold day in Dublin - and greetings from this little lad who arrived in Airfield Farm, Dundrum, Dublin last week.  So cute.......

Before I start with this week's report I would like to congratulate Karen Long from Cork who is the lucky winner of the Etsy Ireland St Patricks Day Treasure Hunt.  Well done girl.  I will be sending you the hoard in the next few days and hope you get much fun from opening and using all the goodies inside.  Also a big congratulations to the team who were involved with the competition (not forgetting Jacob who drew the winning ticket....).  Great work.

This week is the turn of DUBLIN.  According to the ETSY Shop finder, there are 84 Etsy shops in Dublin, Ireland.  Wow!!!!!!!!  Big Wave to you all....

Very little news events arrived at the Crafty News Desk this week for Dublin, so I will give you a general overview of  some markets and resources.
  • Crafty Market - due to return in April - crafty
  • Ferocious Mingle Fancy Dress Market - Mingle
  • Peas and Pods - a new family market - Pods
  • Other markets from the Craft Council of Ireland  - CCOI
  • All the County Councils have a department dealing with new business and run courses.
  • There is a comprehensive list of Craft events on the Year of Craft website   Year
  • Information on worldwide postage rates from Ireland  Postage

Our biggest and best resource is all the people that make up the Irish Team and their collective experiences and advice. 
Use the blog and I am sure you will find an answer to what is puzzling you or at least a direction to go in to solve your problem. 
Go to the Facebook page and follow what is happening or follow us on Twitter for up to the minute newsy bits and pieces.
Go to our Discussion Thread on Etsy here > CHAT .  Join in and maybe even venture into one of our live on-line chats..... its great fun and a nice way to meet people. 
Then there are the Meet-ups - so far mainly in Dublin, with one or two others in Limerick and Galway.  I am sure if there are a number of Etsy people in your area you could get together yourselves and share.

As always, thanks to those of you who got in touch.  If you have some news of an event, market, selling opportunity, craft resource, giveaway on your blog, competition etc etc  please get in touch and I will put it on the Crafty News on any Monday. 

Have a good week
Huggleknits , MosSupplies, you can find me on Twitter as Huggleknits.


  1. Thanks Mo for this week's news. And I am just melting into a puddle after looking at that picture...AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

  2. HI there
    even when we are Spanish, thinking in the Euro Week we have made this. Hope you like and it is accurate

  3. Well done Mo.

    !Hola y bienvenidos ms Racho y amigos!Que chulo! That hen is cute, especially the little shoes :-)

  4. Just love that wee hen. Thanks for letting us meet her.

  5. Love the Irish hen! And I just saw you have a flamenco hen was well. Priceless!