Sunday 6 February 2011

Eyes Open Ireland - Lisa of Spiral Gypsy Creations

Today's Eyes Open Ireland comes courtesy of Lisa of Spiral Gypsy Creations in Belfast.

"My partner & I spend a lot of our spare time traveling around Ireland with our children visiting our ancient megalithic & sacred sites. Some of these places are under threat from development, many others have already been destroyed. I'm passionate about our ancient heritage, our beautiful island bears some of the oldest man-made structures in the world and this deserves to be preserved for future generations. There's such a sense of magic & mystery at these sites and it's a huge source of inspiration to my work. I hope these pics might inspire some of you to check out some ancient monuments & sacred sites in your area."

I couldn't agree more!
Let's have a look!

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Ballykeel Portal Tomb, Co Armagh

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Carrowmore megalithic complex, Co. Sligo

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The Holestone, Co Antrim

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a daisy growing at the foot of the Holestone, Co Antrim. What did I say about magic? :)

Magical, indeed!
Thanks so much for sharing with us, Lisa!

Have photos of your own you'd like to share?
Send them my way and tell me why you took the photo, which county it is in and your name and Etsy shop link. You can convo me on Etsy or email me at


  1. Beautiful images, how true, he have such a wealth of archaeological remains throughout Ireland and they are often forgotten about, the countryside is dotted with ringforts, raths, cairns, standing stones, etc and they are all unique and fasinating in their own way. Thanks for sharing

    All things nice...

  2. Absolutely right - Magical. Beautiful photographs.

  3. Majestic dolmens! Thanks for sharing. And that little daisy with the heart-shaped centre was definitely magical!

  4. thanks for this. Makes me want to get out of the city for a weekend. And that daisy is so cute.

  5. Beautiful photographs! I must show them to my partner he is studying a masters in Archaeology at the moment. I can't wait to get a car so we can ramble around the Irish countryside looking at ruins, me taking pictures and drawing and him looking at soil formations.