Monday, 14 February 2011

Coffee anyone?

Hi everyone,

Just a quick post to see who's up for a Dublin meeting?  Was thinking Saturday 5th March at 2pm, maybe somewhere different, wasn't gone on the Snail Bar last time.  There is a nice cafe above Film Base in Temple Bar but it depends how many of us there are.  If there are a load of us maybe the Market Bar is the best option.

Let me know what you think and I'll make another post with a confirmation closer to the date!

Angela (a.k.a. artysmarty)


  1. Oh no, gonna miss it again, out of country 1-10/3. Looking forward to the next so...

  2. Fab idea, count me in too. :D

  3. count me in please (might stress might have the boys with me but they'll be in awe of everyone there so they won't disturb anyone if that's ok?!)


  4. Ooh great, I was afraid it would be the 10th. Yes, can make 5th and lookin forward to it!

    Will we do another swap shop thingy?

  5. There's temptation thrown into my path...have to see if there is any money in the kitty to get to Dublin...

  6. Is that Cafe still open above Filmbase? I thought it had closed down?
    Another possibility is Foam on great Strand st just beside the italian quarter? They've got fab comfy sofas upstairs and lovely coffee and desserts.

  7. I'm on for the meet up too. Agree with you about the Snail Bar. Market bar is not too bad if we have a good group.

  8. Yeah, I'm not crazy about the Market Bar either it's just big. I think we should go for Foam, sounds lovely! Do you think 10-12 of us would squeeze in there?

  9. @Ange - definitely! they've got big sprawling type sofas up there. They have a facebook page 'foam cafe' with photos...

  10. I'd love it! I'm due a trip up to the "big shmoke". Must check my diary but it sounds good to me :)

  11. I would love to be there!
    If I am in Ireland that day I will join you for sure!

  12. Would've loved to, unfortunately I'm double booked for that date.

    One of these days I WILL make it to one of these.

    Hope you guys have an amazing day!

  13. I never make it to the Dublin meetings anymore since I'm always working on Saturday :(

    Have lots of fun though!

  14. Oh no!
    I was sooo looking forward to this meeting, but I won't be in Ireland until the 8th...maybe next time! :)
    Enjoy it for me too!

  15. Yep - sounds great - count me in!