Sunday, 12 December 2010

Tea and a Chat: Anne-Marie from byAMOR

Hi everyone!  Been a bit of a delay with the old Tea and a Chat series but we're back on track this week with Anne-Marie from byAMOR.  Anne-Marie is our current blog host, even though she say's she's not a big blogger...I think she's just modest!

Anyway, here we go;

Tell us a bit about what you do?
Mostly, I bead and wire wrap.  My Etsy shop began with gemstone jewellery but I enjoy exploring new techniques and product lines.  Some of these ‘experiments’ make it into the shop, some do not. I now make bookmarks, eyeglass chains, Christmas ornaments and key chains etc as well as gemstone and Irish beach glass jewellery.

I fell in love with wire wrapping undrilled beach glass when I bought a bunch from Iris O’Connor.  Now I can’t go to a beach without getting a crick in my neck from looking down!  Generally, I prefer not to have a pre-planned design but to let the nuances of the glass dictate how to go. I t’s hugely satisfying to discover the hidden shapes in each shard.

If you weren’t a crafty type, what would you be doing?
This is a very poignant question for me.  I rediscovered a forgotten love of craft a few years ago after an aneurysm burst, changing my life forever.  At the time I was a Team Leader in one of the most exciting places to work; Guinness Storehouse.  It was a tough decision to give up a job I was passionate about, but I found a quieter, part time job in admin.

However, something was missing. I felt a terrible itch to create.  I picked up my Mum’s paint brushes but it’s not like riding a bicycle, you do need to keep up your skills!  Somehow I ended up teaching myself to bead and wrap.  It’s amazing to think that after the aneurysm I couldn’t fasten the clasp of my watch nor concentrate to read a book.  Aside from frequent headaches, I’ve made a truly remarkable recovery. I believe that the focus required to craft and to run an internet shop contributed to the high degree of recovery.  Without creativity, I think I’d be lost.

Give us some of your favourite designers/fashion peeps:
If I had the spare cash to splash out on big designer labels...I wouldn’t. I’d pack the entire contents of my wardrobe off to Ruth of Nicedaydesigns and ask her to go wild with the scissors and thread.

I also like the asymmetry of the Spanish brand, Desigual.

Any amazing blogs that you’d like to share?
Though I contribute regularly to this blog, I’m not a big blogger.  I don’t even have my own set up yet.  I dip in and out of team members’ blogs though.

What are your top 5 films of all time?

Burn after Reading
The Sixth Sense
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (Gene Wilder version...sorry Johnny Yummy Depp.)
Benny and June (speaking of Yummy Depp)
Most of Pedro Almodovar’s work

What was your mother always right about?
We have to make our own mistakes before we realise that our Mum’s were right about most things.  One of my Mum’s mantras was ‘it’ll all turn out right in the end.’ I sometimes forget this ...until I realise in hindsight that I worried over nothing.

Lastly some linky goodness, where can we find you?!/handmadebyAMOR

Talk to you next time,

Angela (a.k.a. artysmarty)


  1. What a truly lovely interview! So glad you're recovery went well Anne-Marie and thrilled that creativity helped you through.
    You are very talented!

  2. Have to agree with Rach, Lovely interview & delighted that your craftiness helped in your recovery.

  3. cheers girls, much appreciated

  4. Love the interview! And I agree with Rach and Letizia, it's wonderful how your craftiness and creativity helped in your recovery!

  5. What an amazing story! Thank you for sharing your life experience, talent and inspiration ^_^ Virginie

  6. thank you.
    I should have mentioned that if anyone/a family member has experienced something similar to me or any type of head injury, get in touch with
    or phone
    1890 200 278. They are amazing.