Friday, 12 November 2010

Fab Five on Friday

Today I've gathered some beautiful handmade items inspired by the dramatic weather we're having this week in Ireland. Gale force winds, plummeting temperatures and floods of rain have taken over, so here are five wonderful treasures to make you smile or keep you warm, whether you're braving the elements or just looking out at it all :)

Featured items:
Castlerock Storm, Northern Ireland by photosworldwide
Dutch Fairy Mouse Rushing Home Through Rain and Puddles by tanyabond
Alice - Luxury Fingerless Mittens by HuggleKnits
Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining Neclace by SilkstoneDesigns
Crochet Cowl in White Winter by AlejandraJacoby

Chosen by Beth of magpieandbutton.
As always, if you would like to suggest or curate a Fab Five on Friday, just send me an Etsy convo :) 


  1. Brilliant Fab Five for the kind of weather we had yesterday!

    Anybody sitting in the dark last night? I thought our house lifts off at some stage...

  2. Excellent fab five - such a good idea :)