Monday, 22 November 2010

Dublin Christmas Meet Up Saturday 11th December!

Hi Everyone!

Seems like a crazy time of year to try and organise a meet-up but I think we all deserve an end of year drink/meet-up/lunch so this is a bit of a call out to anyone who will be in Dublin on Saturday the 11th December @ 1pm and is free to meet.

I think the Market Bar on Fade Street might be a good place, you can drop in have a drink or food without booking and it's nice and big.

Let me know if you're keen/free and we'll go from there!

Talk to you later,

Angela (a.k.a.artysmarty)


  1. I'm keen to go but not free, I'm selling all that weekend at a market in Limerick...hopefully I'll make it to one in the new year!

  2. Awwwww, I'd love to go, but have carol practise all day (our performance is on 12 December).

    Have fun, have one on me ;) and I'll get down to Dublin in the new year again!

  3. I won't make it to Dublin, but I'd love to organise a meeting for any Cork, Limerick, Kerry, Waterford or any other southern Etsians! Contact me if any you Munster dwellers are interested! Beth

  4. I hope to be able to get there. If we dont have a lot of the gang free to get there maybe we could regroup in the New Year when the madness of Christmas is over? It might be something to look forward to (when all the rest is bleak...) Just a thought

  5. oops cant make the 11th either.

  6. A cork meeting would be great, but I don't think I could make one until the new year tho as things are really hectic

  7. Ok, I'm thinking of a Cork/Munster meeting in January then. How's Saturday January 15th? Might put together a separate post about this next week too, but reply here if you'd be interested :) Thanks!

  8. I'll be doing a few craft fairs - so not a great time of year for alot of us I'd say - Beth, I like the idea of a munster meet up in January tho:)