Friday, 22 October 2010

Fab Five on Friday

Today I've put together some festive October pumpkins for a Halloween Harvest themed Fab Five. So, here they are: five gorgeous pumpkin items from craftyirelandteam members on Etsy.

Create an Autumnal scene at all year round by treating your home to dianamarshall's White Pumpkins original oil painting. To instantly make an eyecatching Autumnal window decoration, just hang up StainedGlassFayre's vibrant Halloween Pumpkin. Why not have harvest decorations at any time of year by setting FEANOR1's cute felted pumpkins on your mantlepiece or table? Add a punch to any Autumn outfit with these juicy looking lampwork earrings by lightkeeping. However you're celebrating, though, try not to be frightened of the Halloween festivities like poor Stephen the Scared Pumpkin by cherryblossomtattoo!

Chosen by Beth of magpieandbutton.
As always, if you would like to suggest or curate a Fab Five on Friday, just send me an Etsy convo :)


  1. love it love it love it! Nicely put together once more.

  2. Wonderful selection!

    I love Diana's painting, I always like alternative colours for seasonal items, beautiful!

  3. So fun. Reminds me I need to dust of my skeleton earrings :D

  4. I love pumpkins, and could do with some pumpkin soup now! So yummy!
    Brilliant selection, such pumpkin-ness!

  5. lovely and halloweeny, cherryblossom , I see Stephen making an appearance again ;o)

  6. Stephen is great! I also adore FEANOR's felt pumpkins - they're so cute :)