Thursday 16 September 2010

Introducing Amorio


We're Aoife and Sandro, an Irish - Colombian couple living in Dublin, and our little shop on Etsy is called amorio. We always get asked what it means - but it has no meaning, it's just something I thought sounded cute! We started listing about 2 months ago and have yet to make our first sale*, but we are definitely going to start listing more especially as winter is approaching and the thought of outdoor markets is not too appealing! We've just got a new camera, so are trying to improve our photos on Etsy...the standard has really been set high!

Sandro has been making crafts forever, everything from woodwork to ceramics to leather work. He took up jewellery making when he started travelling around Colombia because the materials weren't too bulky, so were easy to travel with.

Our paths crossed 3 years ago in a hostel in Quito, Ecuador. Since then we've spent a lot of time travelling all over Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. Sandro taught me how to make macramé jewellery and he makes all of the wire work. Materials are abundant in South America and we sourced all the semi precious stones we use in Peru. Shopping for stones is definitely my favourite past time, and we always seem to spend more than intended and make our bags way too heavy every time we visit!

Jewellery making was a great way to fund our travels. Although the manner of selling is a lot different than in Ireland - there we could just lay a piece of fabric down and set up shop on a street or by the beach - so we're still trying to get used to all the requirements that go along with selling at markets and fairs here!

We've been following the blog for a while now, so will be watching out for the next meet up to meet some of you in person, until then thanks for reading!

Amorio on Etsy
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*Since the article was written, Amorio has made its first sale. Congratulations!!!


  1. Welcome guys! Love your post, very interesting and all the travelling sounds like an amazing experience! Checked out your shop and hearted! Lovely and welcome again. Fi

  2. I'd so love to travel - getting really really really itchy feet!

    Great to have you both on the team! Love the macramé!

  3. beautiful stuff! congrats on your first sale!
    first of many I'm sure.

  4. Thanks for the kind comments :)