Friday 27 August 2010

Fab Five on Friday

It's that time of year again when students and teachers sigh at the thought of going back to early starts, homework and exams, and many parents either smile with relief as they have some space again, or tense up with nerves as they pack their little scholars off to class for the first time!
Here are some gorgeous Etsy finds from Irish sellers to help us start back to school with a smile :)

Slip some sweet encouraging thoughts into your child's lunchbox with swannandsmerlin's lunch cards.
Jot down your hopes and dreams for the year, or take lecture notes in makelovely's heart notebook.
Stay warm on the way to school in the mornings with
BeeLiciousCrafts' cute radish neckwarmer.
Keep your school satchel fresh with this
back to school lavender sachet from SailmakersDaughter.
Organise all your shiny new pencils and pens in
patchworkdelights' owly pouch pencilcase.


  1. lovely picks!
    did school start yet!>>>????

  2. Oh my favourite time was picking out my stationary etc I loved school (though I'm not going back, hahaha)

  3. Some schools have started back already Nancy. Others are back Monday. I loved picking out stationery too. I still do! My students laugh at me with my fancy new pens and notebooks every September. They're just jealous!

  4. gorgeous finds as always Beth!!! LOVE the radish neckwarmer - adding to favourites! ;)* ♥

  5. New stationary!!! Yes :)

    I never liked the end of summer. It was great to see the school friends again, but having to get up early again...ugh...I still don't like that!

    Lovely treasury...and I do have my eye on the notebook for my knitting patterns.

  6. well selected and put together as always Beth

  7. And I did buy the notebook :)

    Who says that the blog doesn't help sales...

  8. yay, thanks for including my lunch cards beth! :)
    i'm one crazy for stationery too...i hoard notebooks and pens! ^-^