Wednesday 18 August 2010

Colour, Colour Everywhere ;o)

Hi All, Margo from lilabelledesign here. Finally I get around to writing this post about a topic close to my heart, colour. I love it in all forms, whether on its own or clashing/ working alongside other colours.

Below is a quick overview of the theory and read further to the nice bit, the pics and links.

Colour - The Theory

The colour wheel is the starting point for any discussion on colour. It contains a mix of the primary colours; blue, red, and yellow. The corresponding secondary colors; green, orange, and violet. The tertiary colors; red–orange, red–violet, yellow–orange, yellow–green, blue–violet and blue–green.

According to established colour theory, adjacent colours harmonise well but, if you’re seeking to make a flamboyant statement, opposites combine to more dramatic effect.

There are many different combinations which work dependent on the look you desire:

o A tonal scheme (monochromatic) means you use a colour in different tones. There is one colour, but different tones of that colour (various shades of red for example).
o The harmonious colours are those that are close to each other on the colour wheel. For example, pink has purple on one side and red on the other side. Those are harmonious colours. Purple has pink on one side, and blue on the other side. These too are harmonious colours.

o The complementary colours are those that are opposite to one another on the colour wheel. For example: purple and yellow; blue and orange.

o The triadic colours are three colours on the colour wheel that are an equal distance from one another. A popular modern choice is red, blue, and yellow, and is for those who feel comfortable with a bold colour choice.

Colour - In Practice

Check out one of my first treasuries entitled "Color Explosion", the name says it all

And check out more of our fabulous Etsy Ireland treasuries on our blog under team treasuries.

Another area where colour plays a mayor role is a wedding. Check out for amazing ideas and pictures and see below for some colour palates, fab fab fab

images courtesy of

And when you are exhausted from reading the theory etc pop over to the website Lovely Clusters. This is a beautifully curated site where you can browse and shop for handmade and vintage goods. Everything is collected by color or theme which makes it easier to browse and dream.

And when all else fails, go mad and create your own colour combo, you never know where this could lead ;o)

Have fun and I hope this inspires.
Margo @ lilabelledesign
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  1. Great post being an artist I find colour amazing,love mixing to achieve different shades,very well laid out

  2. Ooooh, I so love colours, and love mixing them with abandon :)

    Right now, blue and orange are my favs, which is odd since I can't wear orange at all. I also have discovered Robin's egg blue - what a colour!!!

  3. Great post! I love the colour combinations from, very good for ideas. I've been working with alot of complementary colours lately. I love blue with orange, or purple with yellow... they vibrate off of eachother!

  4. I LOVE colour - in my double vision world I see blurrs of colour all the time and I have a great appreciaition for those that are bold and clash and those that are complimentary. I try to find colour in the decay of items to show their true beauty. Great article! Oh I loved putting together my wedding colour scheme - off white, dark purple, rich and very pale pink with lots of greenery. :)

  5. thanks guys, great comments ;O) my fav on theknot is black,pink, white and another colour combo I saw recently which really works is lime and aubergine , very elegant ;O) And I work on wedding flowers too so love all the wedding sites.

  6. Great post Margo!
    I love lovely clusters! I'm also a big fan of who offers an e-class called how to be a color rockstar.

    I check in to daily, too. They have wonderful palettes for inspiration.

  7. Oh nice post, I love colour, here is a similiar blog post I wrote on colour, check it out if you wish
    I do love visitorws to my blog

    All things nice...

  8. Very interesting post Margo. Love it.

  9. Hi Margo, very helpful post, thank you so much. Fi