Saturday, 17 July 2010

A Very Warm Welcome to Our New Members

Hello to everyone. Clodagh here. I have a lovely selection of the newest member to our ever expanding team. I hope you all will welcome :

Dragonfly1760 is based in Dublin and has had a shop on Etsy since Dec '09

EainesCardandGems is based in Donegal and has had an Etsy shop since June '10

ArguingTheMobius is based in Cork and has had an Etsy shop since Jan '08 

HandmadeAtTheNest is based in Ballinasloe and has had an Etsy shop since June '10

TissaGibbon has had a shop on Etsy since July '10

Welcome all!!


  1. Welcome new members!

    I am intrigued by the name 'Arguing the Mobius'. Where does the name come from?

    And if any one of you is interesting in writing for the blog, just contact me at my shop :)

  2. Welcome welcome welcome! I just checked out all your lovely shops and nearly got lost looking at all the lovely goodies...

  3. Hello all, thank you for the warm welcome! Happy to be a member of the Ireland team! :)

    as for the name of my shop: "Arguing the Mobius".... essentially it has to do with my belief that everything is connected, and this is my unique creative view. kind of abstract, but that's the best bite size explanation i can give. :)

  4. Thanks! I have yet to knit a mobius - there is a hard way (a complicated pattern which I fail to understand) and the easy way (twist and sew the ends together) - I think I prefer an easy life...