Wednesday 7 July 2010

Team Treasuries

Here are some beautiful team treasuries that have been put together this week by myself, balanced. and Letizia, ooakie. Please click the links above and then click the items, and comment to help make these treasuries HOT!!

"Treasury is Etsy's ever-changing, member-curated shopping gallery.

Create and share lists of items. Beautiful, diverse Treasury lists may be featured on Etsy's home page.

Treasury Guidelines for creating your own Treasury

You can create a list of items for any purpose and edit as often as you desire.

If you'd like your Treasury list to be chosen for inclusion on Etsy's home page by Etsy admin, here are a few tips:

  • Use all 16 slots.
  • Be diverse! No more than one item per shop.
  • Don't include your own items. Spread the love!
  • Make it beautiful."
To increase your chances of being chosen for a treasury by other Etsy members, here are a few tips:
  • Use all of your allotted 14 tags in your item listings and use them wisely!
  • Tag space is precious so try to be as creative as you can. Use colours, textures, styles, etc.
  • Please use our team tag "craftyirelandteam" as one of your tags when listing an item for sale to make it easier for treasury makers and team members to find your creations.
  • Have great photos!
Here is a link to all the treasuries I have curated myself since T-east opened if you would like to see some past team treasuries.
Eventually, hopefully soon, we will be able to search the treasury for tags we are now able to include in the treasuries we make. That will be very helpful! I've already started adding our tag, "craftyirelandteam" to the team treasuries I am making.

Treasuries are a lot of fun to make. And being on the front page of Etsy feels really good! It is not a guarantee for sales, but the exposure is wonderfully helpful. It nearly always increases your shop/item views and hearts and it could result in future sales, blog coverage and custom orders.

So, whatcha waiting for? Go make one! or some! :) Click me!


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  2. Great work Rachel honey, no doubt you'll be a great treasury queen! I'm off to clickety click and hopefully will compile one or two as well. Should folks convo you a link when they have made treasuries?

  3. this is really helpful!! i was thinking of compiling one and am always really inspired by the crafty ireland treasuries:) thank ladies!

    have to say i agree with not including yourself in your own treasury...;)

  4. I snuck one of my own in to the chocolatey one but I'm usually good :)

  5. These treasuries are gorgeous - although I am a little biased towards "The Invincible Summer";D
    I find creating treasuries addictive and have added a page to my blog to show off the ones that I've put together. Ah well, off to make another one ....:)


  6. Wonderful Treasuries, Rachel! Must go over to clickety-click!

    I thought it's ok to sneak in one of your own, but only one...(yes, or nonono?)

    I know this has been answered in one of these blog articles before, but I may as well ask again...

    How do you do a treasury snapshot? I've used the alt and print screen keys on the keyboard, but I never get the whole treasury on it.

    Also, do you convo all the sellers whose pieces you've picked?

  7. OMg it's been a while since I checked in. So much has happend Well done People!
    Great posts, great work :)

  8. Thanks gals! :)
    Tanya, yes, you can just convo them to me or email if you'd prefer...

    The guidelines in italics are directly from Etsy. I think it's fine to include your own work, but it will likely be removed if chosen for the front page, I believe.

    Purls, There are different ways to take a screenshot. I'm on a mac and have a handy little helper thingy (that's helpful, huh? lol) but cmd+shift+3 is what I use. You should be able to google it for some better answers for your computer/operating system?.

    And for now, I think general practice is to convo everyone you've included. At least until Craftopolis comes up with another solution. Their current "treasure tracks" feature isn't always reliable.

    Here is their link though cos it's still fun to look. :)