Tuesday, 20 July 2010

A Pretty Floral Arrangement For < 5€

Dear All, It's Margo from lilabelledesign, I love making jewellery but another passion of mine is flowers, check out my blog flowersforweddings.ie. Below, I outline a quick little "recipe" for creating a simple yet effective table arrangement. This arrangement takes about 10 minutes to create and looks impressive without costing the earth. From one bunch of flowers I got 2 arrangements but I would advise on first go use one bunch to get a really full arrangement. Make the arrangement smaller and fill cups, little bowls etc and pile them along a table.

  • Bunch Chrysanthemum (this bunch was purchased in Lidl for €2.99)
  • A Display Pot (use one to suit the occasion, I used black as I wanted a black & white arrangement, use smaller or larger whatever you have at hand)
  • Oasis (oasis can be purchased in garden centres etc)
  • Scissors (to cut flowers)
  • Old knife (to cut oasis)

Note - Usually when creating an arrangement especially if large, you would secure the oasis to the bowl using a mix of oasis fix, "frogs legs", waterproof florist tape, in this instance i.e small arrangement, this is not required

  1. Cut enough oasis (use knife) to fit your container and to rise above it about 1 inch.
  2. Fill a bucket with water and add some flower food or a sprinkle of sugar also does the job.
  3. Drop the oasis into the bucket, don't push down, just let it absorb the water and once immersed you can use almost immediately (leave it soak about a minute).
  4. Take the flowers and cut into different bunches depending on size of flower stems. Keep as many as long as you can until the end. Remove all leaves from the stems. As this is quite a low arrangement you get good value as you can use every single flower head.

  5. Start in the centre and place one stem in the oasis. You place this as high as you want the arrangement to be.
    Place 3 stems around this flower, lower down to an angle. Now you see the "dome" taking shape.

  6. Fill in the rest of the flowers turning the arrangement so that you can check the "dome" looks even all way round, fill in any "bald" patches.

Very easy to do, very quick, very cheap and VERY impressive especially if you do a few of them ;o) Happy Flower Arranging All.


  1. Wow - looks really stunning

  2. Oh I love simple arrangments that really show of the beauty of the flower. Very nice indeed x

  3. Brilliant tips! I usually just bung the flowers in a vase with a bit of sugar...

    And my geraniums need watered (oops).

  4. Fab! I am off to LIDL in the morning!!!

  5. Lovely. Nice clear instructions Margo, thanks.

  6. Yeah! this flower arrangement was pretty, I am sure many will get interested by this post. Thanks for sharing.