Monday 14 June 2010

Market Opportunity for Etsy Ireland

St George's market in Belfast is opening it's doors on Sundays as of July 4th 2010. It already hosts markets on Fridays and Saturdays and has a huge amount of space inside. There has been a suggestion to hold a weekly stall for Etsy Ireland. Different members could show their work at it every week. We would have to cover the stall every week as a no show would unfortunately lose us the space. Would any one be interested? Leave your comment below, pass on the word and we'll see what we can do.
Stall costs £13 each week.


  1. £13 a week is exceedingly reasonable! Just our local small market here is €20 for half a table, and we think that's pretty ok.
    Unfortunately from Sligo its a three hour drive soooo...not possible, but if I lived two hours nearer....!!!

  2. Sounds great. Would be interested in trying it out and maybe signing up for a few different days if that is what was decided.... Having to travel from Dublin would limit the number of days though.... Cheers

  3. Yes, would definitely be up for it :)

  4. Hiya Bridget! That's a good price alright - what kind of stall space are they assigning us. Would we need to bring our own trestle table for example? Would definitely be up for covering a couple of sundays - gives me a good excuse to see the folks!

    Being weekly we'd need to have a fair few people helping out!

  5. Hi All, René Here...spoke to the market yesterday , they are happy with this arrangement. I need to get the application in asap. The stalls are large about 2&1/2 metre long tables and electricity points if required. The sunday market is scheduled to run for 4 months as a trial period and then longer if successful. Personally I think it is a great opportunity especially during the summer. The Friday and Saturday markets are packed every week, and are really really great fun, fab atmosphere and this sunday proposal sounds like a hit. Belfast is vibrant and getting moreso, would be a shame not to take advantage.

  6. Thanks to Rene as it was her idea!

    yes the tables are supplied and are rather large so if anyone wants to come up and share it would be up to you to find someone to share with.

    Also, it is indoors which is good.

  7. Oh so tempting but I don't think I have the confidence built up yet. I'll come up and see everyone who does take part though :)
    Belfast rocks.

  8. If you look at this video clip at

    you get an idea of the tables - they have a kind of metal frame which are great for hanging up clothes and other items!

  9. We've hit a bit of a problem, each person has to have their own public liability insurance coverage. Would people have this? It's quite expensive, about £95 per year.

    I'm not sure if we're getting enough interest to be able to carry this off. We need to be certain it can work before we can apply!

    anyone else intersted (with heir own insurance)