Friday 4 June 2010

Monthly Craft Market

I received an email a few days ago letting me know about a craft market opportunity in Limerick City. It's a monthly event on the last Thursday of every month, and it's situated in the newly refurbished Milk Market right in the centre of the city. I talked to the organiser yesterday on the phone and she said there will be a huge effort put into advertising this ongoing event, with local papers, magazines, press, and hotels. There are still spaces available at this event and I thought I would post it here to see if anyone in the Munster region would be interested. It is set to start in July, but I'd say get in there early before all the limited spaces are gone. It's a great venue in one of the most sought after market venues in Ireland, especially considering the very impressive new refurbishment. Check out the Milk Market website for a better idea of the venue, and here is the details below that I received in the email. I already booked myself a slot, and I'll be trading there weekly on Fridays and Sundays, it would be lovely to see a few faces
NB: If you are interested in taking part in the monthly Thursday Market, please use the contact info below and not the contact on the Milk Market Website.
New monthly Arts and Craft Fair to be held in the newly built indoor milk market in Limerick . This fair will run on the last Thursday of every month. Arts and Crafts will be the soul of the fair with musical entertainment to create atmosphere. Food and seating will be available within the Fair to encourage people to stay and enjoy the atmosphere! The Milk Market to date has only had a Saturday food market so this is a very exciting development for the people of Limerick and it's surrounds. The Fair aims to provide you with a regular monthly stand thus allowing you to showcase your crafts to a wide variety of people. We aim for this market to be inventive and vibrant on an ongoing basis so don't miss this exciting opportunity to take part and book your place now! To have the chance to sell your product at this fair we are offering a very reasonable introductory price of €50 inclusive of stand so don't hesitate to contact me, Christine on 086 3538928 or

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