Friday, 28 May 2010

An Opportunity To Exhibit at Showcase Ireland 2011.

Do you want to sell wholesale? Do you want to find more outlets? Do you want to promote your work to a wider audience? Do you want to help Etsy Ireland's exposure?

I'm in the process of trying for a stand for Etsy Ireland members at Showcase Ireland in Dublin in the RDS in January 2011. The application forms are out now and it's a first come first served basis so we have to be quick! The cost is 275 euro per square metre and the smallest stand is 4 square metres, so the stand is expensive if you were to go it alone. But as a group we can split the costs so it would be more affordable.

I have to email the organiser with details of what we'd have in our stand so I need to know who is interested asap. The organiser will then let me know if it is possible to take a stand as a group and we will proceed from there.

The event is wholesale orders only, no selling straight to the public, it is purely to get your work into outlets.

If you are interested please email me at bridgetfarmerprints[at!] as soon as you can with details and images of what you would take to Showcase Ireland.

If we get a stand the next step will be to meet up and discuss how our stand will look, order or make business cards, make display etc. I think this will be an excellent opportunity for anyone taking part.

See here for more information about Showcase Ireland 

There is also the possibility of getting an etsy team grant so it wont be as expensive, I'll look into that.


  1. Fair play to you Bridget - such initiative! I'd be all over this if it wasn't for the little one arriving soon (and the possibility of moving to the UK imminent). Definitely an opportunity not to miss folks! ;D

  2. Thanks for posting this Bridget, sorry I didn't get back to you yesterday!

    Just out of curiosity when would that money have to be paid, I would be interested but I can't afford to pay in now. It's an interesting idea for people to pay for shelf space in one of those units (as you mentioned in the message you sent). I'd say pencil me in but I can't give a definite if the money has to be paid soon.

  3. Hi Ruth, if you could email me so your email is in my contact list for this then i wont leave you out when emailing!
    I'm not sure when the money needs to be paid, don't worry about that part, we'll sort it out. I don't think it's soon. I've got a number of people in already. I think this could be really good.
    I'll add that info about hte cabinets into this post for people to see.

  4. Oh wow this is really exciting! Well done for checking this out Bridget.

    I'd be jumping at it if I didn't already know my day job is going to ramp up and take up alot more time from September on, so I won't be looking for wholesale orders. Poop!

    I hope this goes really well for everyone who goes for it. I'll be looking forward to updates :)

  5. Well done on taking the initiative . . count me in too
    Cheers Mo

  6. i'm sort of thinking we can't have too too many people, maybe 10 at the most. there can only be one or two people manning the stand on the days and it may get difficult having too many members to deal with. the people looking after the stand would have to take orders for all the absent members.

    I'm thinking at an estimate it may cost e200 each with 10 participants but that's including VAT, divider walls, spotlights, name card, cabinets, printing for promotional needs such as business cards and maybe a catalogue.

  7. Well done Bridget. You've already put a lot of work and thought into this by the sounds of it. I'm in two minds. I too have growing commitments outside my crafting life.

  8. Great post. I am just starting out selling and not ready for the big bad world of wholesale yet lol :).

    But I wish you all the very best of luck xo

  9. I'd just like to say that at the moment plans are just forming so things may change, such as price, size of stall and number of people participating. I'm just collecting names and email addresses of interested parties at the moment and I will keep interested people informed of what is going on. Nothing is set in stone, we aren't even guaranteed a stand yet! Keep the interest coming in.

  10. Great initiative Bridget!

    Like some of the others though I'll have to pass on this opportunity mainly cos I don't make up multiples of anything at the minute. Have some digital work I'm trying to refine and they could be mass produced as prints - so maybe next year!

    Good luck though to everyone giving it a go (I'm going to assume you get in)

  11. Hi Bridget, i would be interested in taking part in this, it sounds like a great idea for getting your work out there, would love you to keep me informed of any developments...thanks

  12. I was wondering did you go ahead with this, and if so, how did it go? I was hoping to take a stall in 2015, selling my art prints, but the cost put me off.
    Chris Murray.