Wednesday, 5 May 2010

How To Tuesday...a rose buttonhole!

This down-to-the-wire How-To Tuesday is brought to you by falling asleep while putting a toddler to bed. Then waking up and thinking 'oh gosh today is Tuesday not Monday', thanks to the bank holiday!

My day job is at my flower shop, Bloomsday Flowers in Carrigtwohill, Co. Cork. We did a couple of weddings last week, and I thought it would be a useful thing perhaps to know how to make a buttonhole. You could make your own buttonhole if you are going to a wedding, or even just for no occasion at all, just to make the day seem special.

We usually use roses because they hold up well, but you can use any flower that lasts well out of water. If you're using a rose, the first step is to remove any marked petals from the outside, and tidy up the rose by pinning up the sepals. Cut a silver rose wire into 2cm lengths and bend them to make the pins.

Next you can prepare your leaves, using a silver rose wire to stitch the leaf.  This way you can bend it any way you'd like.  This is probably optional, but it looks very tidy this way.

Next, tape everything.  We use gutta percha tape, which is that wax crepe paper tape.  The tape kind of warms up a bit with the heat of your fingers and you mold it into shape.  First wrap the stem of the rose, then the leaf, then wrap them together, pressing everything in place.

You can wear it sort of natural finished with the tape, or be more creative and use ribbon or fabric to wrap the stems.  We always match the colours of the bridesmaids dresses with a bit of ribbon, and gussy up the mum's buttonholes with a bow and bit of gypsophila (mums love gyp).  You could also use beads and wire and feathers or whatever you have to make your buttonhole unique!  Don't forget a pearly pin to attach to your lapel.

I hope that you find this useful if you are ever stuck doing the flowers for your sister's wedding because you're 'the creative one'.  And if you are badly stuck, you can always call into the shop and we will rescue you!

 I hope everyone learned something today! Love from Jessamyn, at Homespun Ireland.


  1. Beautiful! I'm doing the flowers for a friends wedding this weekend and this has reminded me to go and look out my gutta tape and make sure I have enough of it! Thanks : )

  2. Great tips. Sometimes it's crap being "the crafty one" - Its the terminology for the supplies that lets me down like rose wire & gutta tape which I've never heard of before.