Monday, 24 May 2010

~*The Ferocious Mingle Market*~ 13th June Dublin Co-op

The Ferocious Mingle Market

Well myself & Jim have finally taken the plunge and are hosting The Dublin Co-op's newest independent market The Ferocious Mingle Market, the first being held on June 13th 11am to 5pm & on teh second Sunday of every month thereafter.
An eclectic Bazaar of stall candy. Our stall traders will have tons of stuff to tempt you with including Art ,Crafts, Antiques, Vintage Clothes, Jewellery, Steampunk, and more! Approx 40 stalls
~*FANCY DRESS *~mild to over the top will be most delightfully welcomed to stallholders & punters alike! Any excuse for dressing up we LOVE it...let's not wait 'til Halloween let's have some fun NOW.. and on the second Sunday of the month therafter.

~Find The Mingle~ a Treasure Hunt of sorts
(the secretly chosen 'thing' from one of the stalls-Rainey J (mé féin)& Jim (sé féin ;))& the trader whose stall has The Mingle will know) if purchased the buyer (stallholder or punter)becomes 'The Mingle Finder' a very prestigious accolade ;)& wins a PRIZE!

Visual entertainment & background music
For all further info including stalls info HERE & click on 'Apply Here'
Hope to see you all'll be a blast!


  1. this sounds so freakin cool. I doubt I'll be able to afford to come to dublin and pay my stall fees, but i wiah you all luck and hope to see lots and lots of photos. If i can make it one of the Sundays I'd love to come and mingle and meet some fab crafty ireland people!

  2. That's great news, it's always good to hear of new markets / fairs. Best of luck with everything. Love the fancy dress idea :D

  3. Woohoo Rainey! I'm slowing down me usual antics on the fair front but shall certainly make every attempt to join the fun on the 13th. Its just a pity I don't fit into my vintage crimpelene sailors outfit anymore - or is that a blessing in disguise!?! ;D XOXO Tanya

  4. Cool! and LOL,Tanya! crimpelene sailors outfit??? chuckle...

  5. Thanks all! I'll be sure to have pics of the day. Tanya ,petal swathe yourself in vintage fabric and stick some fruit on your head-as I'd love to see your sparkley little face there to alleviate the nerves!


  6. The Ferocious Mingle Market has a new Permanent home on Thomas steet. This is a great market, open every thursday to Sunday. Enjoyed the live music on Saturday and Sunday afternoons. The cafe is lovely, serving cakes and coffee. There is also an old fashioned Sweet shop among the vitage stalls sell all sorts of collectables and antiques. All together a good day out for the whole family.