Saturday, 29 May 2010

Eyes Open Ireland

This weeks Eyes Open Ireland comes from Carrie of Blossomtattoo from Carrickfergus in Co. Antrim

"The sea, I need it. I'm sitting here listening to the boats on it, if I stood on my tip toes I'd see it and if my nose wasn't so bunged up with the flu I'd probably smell it. I need the sea. I have always lived in Carrickfergus and can't bare to think about living somewhere where the sea isn't on my doorstep in one direction and the countryside right there in the other direction. Though I also LOVE Belfast and shopping and cafes etc too, I need water and greenery to inspire me, to make me feel calm and free, to allow me to express myself."

"Lucky then that I live in Northern Ireland eh? Plus I have a fabulous allotment which gives me plenty of subject matter and my hubby is an archaeologist so he loves driving around the countryside looking at old buildings and graveyards with me."

"My main reason for photography as my art medium is my double vision. Yep, I see 2 of everything, the real image and one that floats around it, all very confusing but makes life interesting. I think it is the reason why I concentrate so hard on the little details, the things other people miss, the beauty that gets looked over or taken for granted. When I am behind the lens, I close one eye (like everyone else) and the world is different, clearer, more in focus and I feel calm. I notice that rust is utterly breathtaking, that the ripples in the water are like light strips dancing, moss and a simple rock have so much texture and flowers - wow, they're little worlds of their own and so complex."

"I like to focus on one out of many, to cut that feeling of confusion I get from everyday life into a sharp, clear image. I appreciate the beauty everywhere that usually looks like a blur of lines and moving shapes and colours to me."

"Here are a few photographs of a recent day trip up the Antrim Coast, stopping in at Glenarm and our Allotment. xx"


  1. thank you for posting my piece - that has cheered me up x

  2. Beautifully written article and gorgeous photos Carrie.

  3. thank you very much Anne-Marie

  4. great photos! the salty sea is in my blood too! I'm a native of county down, near Ballynahinch town. My trips up north always include a trip to Tyrella or Murloough beach. I also used to go camping with the girl guides in Carrickfergus... tis a small world! :D

  5. Wow, your pics are gorgeous!
    I love the sea, and boats, but also have great respect for the sheer power of the water and waves! I look at the sea and know that I am only a small dot in the landscape, compared to the oceans...