Friday, 14 May 2010

Eyes Open Ireland

These photos are from Letizia from Ooakie, thanks Letizia!

If you have photos of where you live, or places that you have visited, within Ireland, photos that inspire you and your work please send them to me at bridbird78[at!]

"This is my favourite time of year when the cherry blossoms are blooming for a few weeks and I absolutely love this tree in our garden. The picture was taken on the first day the pink petals started to fall so I thought I'd better get the camera out quick because the tree looks pretty average for the rest of the year. There are woodpigeon nesting this year too but they picked a grand hidden spot in the middle of the tree and are a little camera shy. The small man is my nephew who wouldn't leave the area because he was busy fighting a bumble bee."

"On the way to Waterford last week the weather was miserable one minute & glorious the next so when the sun showed it's face for a quick visit I took these pictures at Lough Aderra. There were a few boats on the water & each had its own posse of swans. I used to go fishing a lot when I was younger & never remember a swan fan club following me which is a pity but they looked beautiful gliding through the water leaving a trail of sunshine behind them."

"The last two pictures are another blossom tree I had to capture before I left Waterford."


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Cherry blossom is my favourite, and this is my favourite time of year also:)Thanks, Letizia.

  2. if ireland was only like this all year round, what a beautiful country we live in, your nephew looks as if he's full of mischief, how cute is he

  3. Lovely photographs - I love the shape of the tree in the first picture, rushing upwards to get to the sunlight. Your nephew is a charmer, by the way :)

  4. That tree looks like a bouquet of flowers! The street where I grew up was lined with cherry blossoms alternated with apple blossom so when the petals fell, the path was pink and white. Gorgeous.