Thursday, 11 March 2010

It's not too late to enter the Treasure Hunt!

Due to overwhelming demand, the deadline to enter The 2010 Crafty Ireland St Patrick's Day Treasure Hunt is extended to March 31.

Hidden in our members shops are 13 letters, find them all and work out the jumbled phrase and you could win over €150 worth of fabulous, wondrous, stupendous original goodies from a selection of the Crafty Ireland team. Wowzers! This is an international giveaway so no need to worry if you live on the other side of the world, we will still ship your prize to you.

Use the SHOP DIRECTORY listing on the sidebar to the right to start hunting through our team's shops on Etsy. The letter will be the last image of an item listing, and the shop will have a blurb in their welcome text letting you know if they are hiding one of the letters, so you'll know if you're in the right place. We've even given you clues to the next shop in the trail with each letter you find! The hidden letter will look something like the above image.

After you get your next clue you'll need to come back to the SHOP DIRECTORY over there to the right and scroll through to find your next shop, as the clues will be targeted on the shop name.

Once you've found the 13 letters, work out the jumbled phrase and convo Ruth at or email her with your answer:
ruthcrean [at]

*** Deadline is now extended to March 31 due to overwhelming demand ***

All correct entries will be put in a hat and a winner drawn at random ... and he or she will receive a fantastic goodie pack of a selection of items from the Crafty Ireland team worth more than €150. Talk about beating the credit crunch!

To keep it fair, Crafty Ireland team members are not eligible to enter ... boo hoo ... but your family, friends, random acquaintances are all welcome. So give them a gentle poke on your behalf.

And because we're REALLY kind, we think this is an AMAZING competition. There's your first clue (hint, hint... Amazing ... go look in the Shop Directory for someone Amazing) so good luck and happy hunting.

So get hunting ... oops, have I just linked to the first clue?!?! Good lord!

Unfortunately we're not allowed to ship leprechauns internationally so they will have to stay here. Really truly.


  1. Great news I'll tweet about the new deadline.
    P.S Just got a treasury called Celtic Wonders

  2. yeah my leprechaun is staying put!!! ;D

    Good luck everybody - have fun! ♥

  3. Oh my goodness! I have never participated in any of etst's team treasure hunts before and let me tell you that was fun! I visited so many shops I had never noticed before with so many wonderful products. I'll have to look into starting something like this for my team! Thanks for the fun time! Here's hoping I'll win :)

  4. oh geez...pardon the spelling errors please :)

  5. I have to tell you that it was an absolute joy to go through all those websites! What an incredibly talented group you have! This was such an incredible idea. I noticed that many of the artisans included were rather new - welcome to was sheer joy going through your lovely shops!


  6. I hope your lucky ladies!!! ;D

  7. Thanks to everyone for the warm comments about the quality of the team's shops and getting into the spirit of the Treasure Hunt ... still a few days to go so not too late to enter!!