Tuesday 2 March 2010

Introducing Monday.....on a Tuesday! LuckyRainbowDesigns

Oops-a-daisy! I got my dates mixed up and here I am introudcing myself on a Tuesday instead of a Monday!!

Hello you bunch of talented crafters, I am Rebecca of LuckyRainbowDesigns! A Dundalk girl born and bread, I made the big move to the lovely and ever changing city of Limerick in 2000 to pursue a fine art degree and havn't looked back since! In fact, I cannot believe I'm living here nearly 10 years!! Time has quite literally flown by!

I set up LuckyRainbowDesigns initially in May 2009, however I had been toying with the idea for around 3 or 4 years. I create detailed and pretty handmade cards and hope to expand my range of paper goods in the coming months. I currently work full time in the University of Limerick, so for now my love for LuckyRainbowDesigns is on a part time basis, however I'm convinved that one day I'll get discovered and then I, the boyfriend and our imaginary family of dogs will live happily ever after! :)

I have always, ALWAYS loved cards, both giving and receiving. I would stroll shops for hours and hours deciding on the perfect one for the perfect person never completley happy with my purhcase as I always thought "I could do better!". I think it was my mother and boyfriend Robert who finally gave me the push to get going after I made a wedding card for a friend. They quite literally kept shouting "Just do it Rebecca!" in my ear!.......and numerous attempts, a few craft fairs, some money and an etsy siopa later, here I am!

My studio space for the moment is the box bedroom! I'm issuing a warning before you view the next photo! I work in chaos! I'm the kind of person that if it isn't sitting in front of me, I won't use it! My boyfriend with whom I live with cannot understand it as he is a (and I don't use this lightly!) Neat Freak! However we've come to a mutal agreement that LuckyRainbowDesign HQ is 'allowed' to be messy!

Right now, things I that I love and inspire me are as follows
- The Etsy Ireland Team - looking at how others work inspires me to create more! In a time when Ireland is experiencing doom and gloom, I know I can hop onto the etsy Ireland blog and hey presto I'm cheered up!

-Chocolate Mochas
- mmmm the chocolatey, the better - no further explanation needed.
-The Antiques Roadshow- Yes it's my guilty pleasure, I love the history behind objects! I love it so much I wrote my thesis on it!
-Spring- The sun shone in Limerick for the first time in a long time yesterday and the world seemed a better place!

Have a wonderful day everyone!!


  1. Thanks for introducing yourself, great to hear how you work. Love your cards, really detailed and full of life!

  2. Great to see your work and your workplace! I live near Dundalk (over the border in Rostrevor-can look across the Lough to Carlingford!)but was born and raised in Limerick!Great to know the Etsy siopas are springing up all over the place:)Enjoyed this a lot.

  3. Hey Lilycobweb!!! thats so funny and random!! I love Carlingford but havn't been there since a wedding last year! Thank you for your lovely comments....and heart on my etsy shop too! :)

  4. This intro is so bright and sunny like yourself Rebecca! I love your new mum cards by the way!
    Ps: stick a link to your blog and your facebook fanpage at the end of your post here, you'll prob get a few more fans out of it.

  5. hello rebecca, i love the mess in my craftroom too. ^-^
    goodluck with your shop, and hoorraaay for sunny days ahead!

  6. Good thinking Ruth!! I must update! :)x

  7. Love the raised letters and textures on your cards Rebecca! Your space looks like ORGANISED chaos to me, like my own space in the box bedroom ;) Looking forward to seeing the expansion of your card range in the future!