Monday, 29 March 2010

Introducing Monday.....artysmarty!

Hola! Angela from artysmarty with you this week to give you a bit of a spiel about some of my own crafty stuff. I have been living and working in Dublin on and off for about 10 years but am originally from Tasmania in Australia where I studied ceramics. My work has taken a bit of a side step from my original training but I can't help it...I love everything crafty and it's easy to get side tracked. My current special subjects are wood-cut badges, bags and pendants.

You may have seen some of these about Dublin town, I am selling in MayFly (next to the Cake Cafe off Camden Street), Irish Design Shop, Se Si and Om Diva and also at the Dublin Flea Market which happens in the Co-Op in New Market Square the last Sunday of each month.

Lots of my bits and pieces are badges that are made from wood that are laser cut. The material is so flexible, you can cut it, glue it, pierce it and re-cycle it (if things go horribly wrong!). My current favourite is this lady that I use for a badge. She is cool in her nanna underwear.

I am currently working on some lovely bags, phone and business accessories. You know, the kind of stuff that girls love and boys often scratch their heads and say 'But, why do you need it?'

My only concession to my ceramics background is some of the pendants that I produce, made with a clay backing, image transfer and top glaze. I love that they are a fun, non-precious piece of jewelery that's affordable.

Anyhoo, that's about it really. If you like the stuff or just wnat check out my web site for a bit of a nosey, take a look at!


  1. Hi Angela, love your stuff, the Alice in Wonderland pendants/necklaces are v popular in our house!

  2. hi angela, lovely writeup, lovely items in your shop ;o)

  3. Angela, great post! Thanks for your introduction. hope to make it to Dublin again sometime and check out your crafts and some of the venues you mentioned.

  4. Hi Angela, it was lovely to read your introduction, thank you! I love your Alice in Wonderland pendants - so many cute things in your shop!!