Wednesday, 31 March 2010

I'll Show You Mine

Hi guys,
We are absolutely chuffed to be contributing to the Etsy Ireland Blog, it's a really exciting development having sold on etsy for a couple of years now to see the Irish Etsy community growing. My name is Yvonne and my Aunties name is Ger and together we make up the etsy design duo "bonzie". We came upon the Irish Team recently and jumped at the chance to join in the fun, we are looking forward to meeting you guys at one of the next meet ups and hopefully contributing in whatever way we can to help the team! We are excited to begin with a studio tour on the blog, and hope that you enjoy our creative space.

Above is a recent book cover in the US by Jo Packham and Jenny Doh where our wee Irish studio was featured, we were contributing artists in the book and have been over the moon to reach the cover too!

Here's Ger at work on one of our "coquette" scarves, I'm a little camera shy so poor Ger ends up in most of the pics! lol

The walls of the studio are adorned with antiquated bits and bobs, I like to collect trinkets and flippery and create a nice environment to work in, we feel a bit more inspired if the area is full of interesting bits and bobs.

Here's the shelved area for all of the fabric storage, truth be known its never quite this tidy and I'm not sure it will ever be that tidy again! I also collect vintage sewing machines, I think they look really pretty and you can see a couple here amongst the shelving.

Here's a picture of the cutting table. My father made this from scratch and it's by far my most treasured studio item. I love that we are creating with our hands on something that my father created for us by hand!

The studio itself is a large wooden cabin style shed, we gave it a wee makeover to take the shed look off it. Flooring, some cosmetic work, insulation the works. However, that been said its still a little chilly in our Irish Winters as you all well know!!

I love to find objects or pieces of furniture and do them up to suit the space. Both of the french looking dressers here were finds that have been shabby chic'd up to suit the studio decor. The taller dresser is covered in vintage pattern paper to give it an antique look. I really enjoy the freedom in the studio to do whatever one wants! Not sure I would get away with that kind of tom foolery in my house aswell! lol

It's been a pleasure showing you all our studio, we are looking forward to getting to know you guys and also seeing into your creative spaces too. :)
Thanks to Ruth and Alex for introducing us to the blog and helping us set up our membership, we are truly proud to be Irish Etsy Team Members now and look forward to our future together. ( insert olé, olé, olé here! lol)
All our Love
Yvonne and Ger


  1. soooooo gorgeous!!!! I just love your studio space! :)

  2. Oh I am dreaming for a cutting table :) Your studio looks just want I want :) Good work girls :)

  3. What a SENSATIONAL studio space, it is the bees knees of studios! I can imagine just being in such a beautiful space would be so inspiring for your work. Can I come and live there?!?!?!?

    Great to have you on the team!

  4. Wow wow WOW!!! Your place looks so gorgeous, and I've been absolutely drooling over your work since I spotted you ladies as the featured sellers on Etsy one day last year. Wonderful, beautiful, inspiring post. Thankyou Bonzie!

  5. Fabulous - your studio looks so beautiful and your creations are just amazing!

  6. Truly insprirational! Off to sort out my work space immedaitely:)

  7. Wow! What a gorgeous work space...I'm off to crawl under my table and hide in shame...except there's no room left for me under there with all my boxes......

  8. Glad to have you ladies on the team! I've been following your own blog for a while and am well impressed!
    Beautiful space!
    Congrats on the book as well!

  9. Beautiful, warm and calming space! I feel inspired just looking at the photos.

    Welcome to the team!!!

  10. Welcome to the team, fabulous workspace, great photos too

  11. Guys, thank you all so much for your warm welcoming comments. We actually recognise a lot of you from etsy and our blog etc so its lovely to be joining forces with you all. :)

    Thanks for the kind words about our studio space and our work, we are very lucky to be part of such a wonderfully supportive etsy community. We are really looking forward to getting to know more about you all too. xxx

    Yvonne & Ger

  12. Welcome Bonzie, what a beautiful workshop it's gorgeous, love your shop too by the way!

  13. Glad you mentioned the book. I bought an earlier edition and absolutely love it. However it only features american studios. Is it a new version? It's fantastic that they feature a european studio. How did they find you? Absolutely fantastic to be part of that book! Well done

  14. Hi Bonz, hi Ger ... how cool to see you both on here and part of the team :)

    The studio looks great! Love the ceiling drapes.

  15. Thanks Vivi, its terrific to be part of something in the US like that. We were invited by the publishers to participate and they found us orginally through etsy and our column for Belle Armoire Magazine, so its been really wonderful.

    Thanks Greenworks, lovely to see a familiar face here too. xxx
    Isn't it amazing was some muslin and a staple gun can do! :)

  16. Wow, what a great studio! To have sooooo much space for your creations must be bliss!
    Welcome to the team!

  17. You guys are SO tidy!!! It's a gorgeous space and well deserving of the cover!

  18. it's absolutely gorgeous!!! congratulations for making it to the magazine's cover! ♥♥♥