Wednesday, 24 March 2010

I’ll show you mine

Hi everyone, my name is Laura of Laura Cassidy Design. It was so great to meet so many fellow etsy members at Saturday's meeting in Dublin. When the lovely Ruth of Nice Day Designs and Alex of Propeller asked for volunteers to write on this blog I agreed to do a piece for I'll show you mine.

Welcome to my studio!

I did a little tidy but I thought it best to be realistic about the space I work in!!

Before I go on I will give you a little info about where I am at the moment. I recently moved back from London after living there for ten years. I was working full time and making jewellery in my spare time. I decided it was time for me to move back home to Dublin, so I started to look at jobs and renting a place to live. My sister had recently bought a spanking new gorgeous apartment and she kindly said I could move in and base my studio there! How lucky am I?! So I took the plunge, sold a lot of my belongings at a car boot sale and drove home with my little red corsa full of my possessions (I did have some stuff shipped too!).

So, back to my studio! I love my big table where I do most of my work. When I'm making I like to have everything I need to hand, so I fill the drawers, cupboard and sliding keyboard shelf with the items I use most frequently.

I also have a smaller desk by the window where I like to reflect and get inspired! Some of the time this table gets buried under materials, files, boxes etc but I like working at it when it is tidy!


We crafty people have so much stuff ... but where to put it all? I like knowing where everything is so I hunt for storage ideas, I do love a pretty box!!

I have been known to spend 'quality time' sorting my resources by item and sometimes colour, here are some examples:

I love Swarovski Crystals, so many sparkly colours to choose from!!

I am always on the lookout for beautiful semi precious stones.

My millinery resources, I do like my cases!!

I also have been known for typing and printing labels for my boxes and folders, very anal I know!

At the moment my sister is away on holidays in Australia for three weeks, yes I am jealous but I have taken the opportunity to turn the sitting/dining room into a temporary photography studio! I am desperately trying to improve my photographs so thank you to Ruth for the wonderful and very useful article about photography. Below is a photo of my work waiting to be papped:

And finally, I enjoy relaxing with a cup of tea and browsing this blog and the wonderful where there are so many fantastic things to see, buy, read and learn from!!!

Thanks for dropping in, have fun ;-)



  1. Great peek into your studio Laura. I love seeing how other people work and set up their space. I have to say I also love having labels on boxes etc, makes me feel organised when I am in a sea of chaos!

  2. Your studio looks great :) everything is so nice and organized :) Which makes me thinking that I should get some boxes for my fabrics as well.

  3. I'm always gobsmacked when I see the great job others can make of the space they have. So far I have got the boxes filled but when it comes to taking things out that's when the mayhem reigns! :)

  4. What a great idea with the sliding shelf for all your bits n bobs. Yes boxes are my savior too, although there is not a label in sight, I don't think I'll ever be that organised!!

    (thanks for the links!)

  5. What a beautiful place to work in!

  6. hi laura, lovely layout for your work, am currently working from boxes and portable table so move about the house following the tiny bits of sunshine we get now and then ;o)

  7. Fantastic studio Laura. And so well organised. You are so right to put labels on all your boxes etc. I did this recently with my own little storage drawers and it makes life SO much easier. Thank you so much for the tour! Carol :)

  8. Thank you everybody for taking the time to read this and for all the lovely comments you have left. Glad to hear I'm not the only one labelling!!

  9. That's absolutely wonderful! I'm glad I'm not the only one who has a bit of stuff stashed all over the work space! I keep many of my findings in little boxes with compartments and those stacked inside little purple velvet bags. Makes things much easier and I know where to find everything. The photography is done right at the side of the table. (smile)

  10. Hey Laura! Your workspace looks so bright and airy - I also see you have your style cover framed!!! well done you! ;D

  11. Thanks Tanya,

    Did you spot your happy heart bauble by the window on my wooden sculpture and your happy heart magnet stuck to my shelving?! Sorry I should have mentioned them, I love them both!

    L x

  12. Laura, I love your workspace! It looks so artistic and colourful. Really inspiring!

    My place is less organised, but I do have boxes with labels as well :) After having my fabric scraps and ribbons in a big plastic tub for years, I decided last year that I had enough of not finding anything, and put them in neat little recycled plastic coleslaw and hummous containers (with labels) and in a big box (with labels). I've never looked back...

  13. Laura you have it beautifully organised. I love the use you made of the sliding keyboard shelf.

  14. i saw a woman selling TONS of beads and some semi precious strands (amber) all for 2euro in Dun Laoghaire last weekend - Courtney (she is also co-owner of Mayfly a store off Camden St)

  15. hi laura, lovely lovely inspiring studio you have! i love that nook by the window! ♥

  16. You are disgustingly organised lol it puts my space to shame! *bombsite noises* :D Lovely post, enjoyed reading it, thank you!