Wednesday, 24 March 2010

A Great Market Opportunity in the North

I am taking part in this market and the organisers have asked me if anyone else is interested. It is over Easter Sunday and Monday and takes place in the grounds of Castle Ward which is a beautiful National Trust owned house situated in Co. Down. 

The event attracts 7000+ visitors every year and I've heard the market is a great success for anyone taking part. I'm hoping so anyway! It costs £45 per day which may seem expensive, but I'm sure you can share a stall and split the costs. 

See here for more info about the house and HERE for info about the easter event. If you are interested you need to get your skates on, final applications are next wednesday. You need to email Carole at carole.crozier[at!] I think this is definitely a market worth doing. If you can't do it this time you should email her anyway to be put on the mailing list and get ready for next year! 

There is also an event in October (I think) they are taking applications for now. Good luck!

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  1. AW! I'll be right near there this summer, but not Easter :( Such a pretty place to have a craft show.