Saturday, 27 March 2010

Eyes Open Ireland

This weeks images come from Rene of Placed

"[These photos were] taken on the Fanad Penninsula in Donegal. The house (black building) has won some architecture awards. We stay in a house next to it – the location/name of which I am keeping top secret as I do not want to have to compete with too many people to get it booked. This peninsula is fabulous, breathtaking and a total escape from busy city lives. It is our family’s retreat and we love it, walking on the deserted beach in pyjamas is my idea of happiness!"

The sandy beach is Portsalon, which we pass through on our way to our secret hideaway!  


  1. Those photos are gorgeous so the place must be stunning! Donegal is beautiful though- I don't think there's a single part of Donegal that isn't wonderful....and I'm from Sligo so that's SOME ADMISSION folks!!!

  2. Stunning. Last time I was in Donegal I think I was 11. I'd forgotten how lovely it is.

  3. I love Donegal but it's years since I was there. Looks like you have the perfect hideaway :)

  4. Have never been to Donegal but those photos are making me think a trip is due! Beautiful particularly the beach. Stunning!

  5. I love Donegal, but haven't been there for the last two years at least! Such a shame.
    (and it has beautiful yarns, too!)
    Thanks for those wonderful pictures. I wanna go there now!