Monday, 1 February 2010

Introducing Monday... Conscious Crafts by West Clare Weavers

Hello Fellow Crafty Ireland Etsians!

My name is Cortney. That’s right, no “u”. I’m happy to make your acquaintance and introduce you to Conscious Crafts by West Clare Weavers, a small home-based venture started by myself and my husband, Patrick.

I am originally from Colorado. I’ve been in Ireland since July 2008; however, three previous trips and more than 10 years of dreaming led me here. I’ve spent most of my life searching for the life I live today and the person I share my days with; I hope everyone has the opportunity to live their dreams and color the corner they live in.

Conscious Crafts has really been a "business" in the making for many years. I started creating goods for my family and friends years ago. What began as a means of giving thoughtful, meaningful gifts (painted platters, monogrammed quillows, jewelry, scarves) became an opportunity for a sustainable business when I found more than 40 fathom of rope on a local beach in West Clare and wondered what “useful something” I could turn it into. My husband and I built a rectangular loom from reclaimed timber and copper nails and I wove the first “reclaimed rope mat”. This “prototype” was given to very good friends, gardeners, who track loads of compost and other bits into their home – the mat is standing strong against the dirt and elements of Ireland, 6 months later.

Lattice scarf handwoven and felted

Anywho, today, we spend our time creating wearable and usable goods. Scarves, bags, floor mats to name a few and did I mention we use nearly 100% reclaimed material in all of our wares. Just yesterday, we reclaimed 12 fathom of rope from the same beach where the original 40 was retrieved – can’t wait to see the mats with this “new” rope. Aside from selling on Etsy, we do our best to sell at local Craft Fairs and in Carrigaholt's own Dolphinwatch Centre.

Multi-color rope mat, woven with some of the original 40 fathom of rope

We are excited to be part of the Team and look forward to connections with other members.

In the mean time, we invite you to take a peek at our shop “consciouscrafts”. Since we’re new at this, we love feedback and get super excited when someone new “hearts” our shop. Hope to meet your acquaintance in person someday.

All the best,

Cortney (and Patrick)


  1. Lovely matt! I'm so impressed that it comes from recycled material! Our local beaches are always full of stuff claimed by the sea.
    Nice to hear your story!

  2. I too love the mats! Especially this one...

    and can I just say how thrilled I am to have another expat on the team. :D

  3. 'living our dream and color the corner we live in'...I like it...It's great to be able to live off your creativity. well done!

  4. Those colours are just dreamy, I love it!!!
    After a dark and cold winter here in Ireland it's a treat to look at something fresh :)

  5. Thank you all for the lovely comments, sorry I have been remiss in replying - still learning how this blogging communication works.

    All the best!