Tuesday, 9 February 2010

I'll Show you mine Wednesday - Crafty Market

So, the Market has been and gone... how did it go? Well, for my first ever market experience it was FUN! I met some new people (more about that later) I made a little bit of cash (covered all the costs and had enough left over to be considered profitable), listened to some lovely music and ate some GREAT food! So all up it was ACE!

The atmosphere was great, lots of chatting and laughter. Everyone was set up by around 12 so it was a leisurely start to a Sunday morning, no rushing around and the crack of dawn to get set up! Plus the building was warm and toasty when we arrived, much to my relief! (I had imagined the co-op building to be a huge open area with no heating ! There were about 4 different bands/performers on throughout the day plus a special treat towards the end when 4 belly dancers entertained us by balancing swords on their heads!!

So once everything was set up there was time to take it all in and have a look around! I was really pleased to see lots of young talent and a really wide selection of different items! There were clothes, bags, hats, original artwork, jewelery, toys, homewears..... all sorts of stuff!!!

We both took some time to browse around and check out what was on offer, Barry was particularly taken with:
he really liked her things and browsed for quite a while!

There were plenty of offerings from our lovely Etsy team, I was lucky enough to be on the table next to Edana from:

and we chatted for for a while which was really nice! Her little sister was also performing with her friend, so we listened to some of their original tunes!

I also met Sheena from http://www.etsy.com/shop/sheenapower she's just starting out so check out her shop and show our support!

Later on who should come bouncing over but the lovely Tanya Mac!

who had a great selection of her gorgeous brooches and headbands and all sorts!!! I was interested to hear that she recycles scraps of fabric from another of our Etsy pals.... so I have struck a bargain with her to do the same, after all we should help each other out when we can!!

I also saw some lovely hair clips from

Possibly the only bad thing about the market was the fact that I was positioned right next to a HUGE display of amazing looking cupcakes!!!! which were very tempting indeed!

We certainly ate our fill while we were there! I had a plate of "Sunshine" which was a selection of fantastic Greek dips, bread, beans and cous cous and Barry had a Pizza which must have been good as a) he didn't offer me any and b) dissapeared in seconds!! Astonishingly he still had room for a lovely Chocolate brownie... I had some lemon slice and a cup of tea and felt very drowsy and satisfied!

What a fun way to spend half a Sunday!!


  1. Love it!!! I've been thinking about trying to get into this market!!! Maybe April - give me a chance to get some stock together!! :) Well Done!

  2. Agree, I'm interested as well, although not sure I want to make the cross-country journey. Maybe this summer?! As I am newer to the Crafty Ireland Team, I am not familiar with the author of this blog. Please pass 2Boos shop name along as I'd love to check out their wares on etsy.
    Cheers! Cortney

  3. Hey Cortney, Hayley is from www.2boos.etsy.com ;)

    Thanks for posting this up, I love that market so much - wish I could go every weekend!

  4. Was that crafty market in Dublin? I would really like to participate in something like that and am actually currently looking into it:) Just do not know what to start with:)

  5. Speaking of cupcakes, we need some sellers selling edibles on the team. :D

  6. There is a Etsy seller from Dublin who sells cookies. Maybe she is just unaware of the team:)

  7. Hi all!!! thanks for your comments! below are some links to various markets around Dublin! I'm sure there are more Edana said that she sometimes does car boot type events too!!
    Happy selling!

  8. Oh, thanks a mill, off to check the links:)

  9. Hey Two Boos! That was a great recap of the market on Sunday! Lovely photos! That was me bellydancing on the left with the sword on my head :) Our bellydancing troupe is called The Zoryanna, and soon we will be opening up a shop on Etsy selling tribal bellydance costumes, yoga mat bags, sword bags, and other goodies.
    Sorry I didn't get to meet you at the stall - see you next time?

  10. sounds great! Wish there was something like that down in the southeast. WE do a market in Waterford city every sat but it's outdoors and freezing!!