Thursday, 11 February 2010

Feeling the Love this Valentines Week!

Hi everyone, Sorcha here from Dandelion Daydreamer. Thank you to the lovely Ruth for inviting me to guest blog today. I'm not sure about you, but I for one, am eagerly anticipating Valentines Day. Now that I am living in France, I intend to celebrate la fete d'amour as wholeheartedly as the rest of the frenchies. We'll eat breakfast in bed, sipping fresh coffee and nibbling warm croissants from our local boulangerie. The Boyfriend will read La Monde as I luxuriously leaf through French Vogue. I'll dress to impress in my favourite vintage dress, whispers of lace twirling about me as I move, slipping on my heels, a cloudy spritz of Chanel No.5 and we are ready to roll. Hand in hand we'll stroll through the centre ville, window shopping to our hearts delight. We'll wander through the Sunday Market and ooh and ahh over the farmer's finest foods, my arm beginning to feel the strain of our greedy little basket. Next stop Le Cafe, a chocolait chaud for me and a cafe creme for Himself. I'll gaze in admiration as the elegant french women swan by, cigarette in one hand, designer handbag in the other, cheek greeting each other as they go. Une! Deux! Bonjour cherie! We'll dine by twinkling candlelight and reminiss on Valentines gone by. Drifting off to sleep, I'll smile to myself as I think, how lucky I am that I've found mon cherie :) Here are a few of my favourite Valentine inspired images and Etsy treats, can you possibly pick a favourite? Have a great week everyone x

Umbrella print by Rosie Music.
Postcards From Paris necklace by I Love Cutie Pie.

Print by Geninne

Photography by Kristy Bee
Casey O Connell, a favourite artist of mine.
First Kiss Under the Valentine Tree print, by moi, available here.

If you would like to see more favourites of mine do pop over and say hello at Dandelion Daydreamer.


  1. Beautiful!!! I now want to move to Paris and learn French!!

  2. Thanks Dandelion Daydreamer for 'bringing me to Paris for breakfast'! Love your text!

  3. Thanks for making me homesick ;D I'm from the south of France originally...Anyhow, love your selection!

  4. Sounds so nice and romantic too. What a lovely post, I feel like I am there. Beautiful images too :)

    All things nice...

  5. You could be a writer:) Enjoyed the experience of reading your post a lot, it was like visiting a dream:)

  6. Oh this is beautiful, thanks Sorcha, have a wonderful day!!

    BTW I !!love!! the new background!-thanks to whoever did it :)

  7. These are all so beautiful and I completely agree with you about the artists. They're amazing!

    Thank you for sharing!

  8. Oh Sorcha! what a lovely write up! I'm in love with your picks especially that amazing Geninne print... ;D

    Happy Valentines weekend everybody!

  9. awww, this is food for my hopelessly romantic heart! thanks for sharing! love love love your picks!

  10. Aw thanks everyone! Happy Valentines to you all x