Thursday, 14 January 2010

My sewing Nook-and some tips for yours by TwoBoos

Hi! I’m Hayley, half of TwoBoos. We moved to
Ireland about 10 months ago and part of that move was obviously setting up a new “nook” for my crafting! Back in Sydney I had a VERY small
area in a house that we shared with two other people.

I tried to think of the area as an opportunity to test me and make the most of the space, rather than the tiny hobbit hole under the stairs that it was!

I found a tall narrow bookcase in the junk room that tucked into the corner nicely and I got a VIKA AMON table from IKEAwhich slotted under the stairs. I used one end for my sewing machine and the other for cutting and laying things out.

I guess the point I’m trying to make is that no matter what space you have it’s possible to make the most of it with some clever storage and the right furniture!

Look at this great example that I found:

It’s a tiny little corner but they have fitted so much in!

Everything has a home but it doesn’t look to regimented or sterile!

I love that they are surrounded by colour!

Find a way of organising your area so it suits YOU and only YOU. You work there so make it personal!

When I came to Ireland we were lucky enough to have a spare bedroom, we decided that it needed to be a guest room, office, sewing room AND storage room… it’s not huge so we had to split it!

Whatever size space you have, think about:

What do I have?

What do I need?

What do I use?

I started by looking at what I had to begin with, a heap of fabric, my machine, findings, patterns etc…. and thought about what I’d need to store them. I hate rummaging for fabric in boxes so I chose to hang the fabric that I used the most on the rail, small pieces were folded into the SKUBB hanging shelves.

The fabric that I hardly ever use is under the bed in a big flat storage box so it doesn’t get too creased. Remnants and left overs are in the tub under my hanging rail.

All the little bits and pieces like buttons and zips I keep in a big chocolate tin (mainly because I like the idea that old ladies do that so it must be good). I also bought the HELMER drawer unit so I could sort my stuff easily rather than having it sloshing around in huge drawers. I have a draw for paper, one for cables and computer stuff, one for postage packets, one for sweets and chocolate (essential), one for brochures and books and the top one is just for junk. I use my laptop and sewing machine the most I make sure they both have a permanent space. (if I’m sewing something large my laptop sits in front of my printer).

So, stuff I have is stored in a place which suits it, stuff I need is easy to access and stuff I use is out and ready to go.

It’s also really important to remember that your space is for YOU! Don’t worry if it looks cluttered or messy, if that is what you like! Always surround yourself with inspiration and ideas, I have a collage above my desk that is constantly changing! If I see something I like I just stick it on there! Then if I run out of ideas I can sit and look at it, that usually gets my brain in gear!

There are some great storage ideas out there and I like to look at this great site called Apartment Therapy, here are a couple of their articles that I found inspiring!

IKEA also has some fantastic solutions for sewing or craft rooms! (not to mention a FANTASTIC range of fabrics to help you spruce up your studio!!!)... You may even see both the Boos there!


  1. Ah me goodness - perfect timing! I'm spring cleaning the studio today, I've been putting it off for an age now! Thanks for all the clever tips! ;)

  2. this is great, though it totally puts me to shame! i must get myself organised. I must get off the computor for a start!!

  3. Me too, i'm bursting with ideas so i need a big clean up, started last night woo hoo , Cheers for the great tips and you are so right my space needs to be right for MEEEEEE !!!

  4. I love how well you fitted everything under the stairs in your old flat - very creative!! Reminds me of trying to fit my sewing machine into our first tiny flat - the sitting room was so small that when you sat on the couch your knees would almost hit the tv!

  5. lovely studio and great tips! thank you for sharing! ♥

  6. Very organised, and thank you for the points to think about- I need to review now!

  7. Great tips and fantastic article!! I can't believe you managed to get a work space under that stairs, well done!
    This is the kick up the arse i needed to get my studio organised, it's such a disaster after the Christmas rush.

  8. Hey folks - thanks so much for all your comments... the Nook under the stairs is the smallest I've ever seen/worked in!!! My roommate Andrew used to call me the Craft Troll. I went shopping today and bought a few more boxes, realised that if they are clear then it's much easier to find stuff! Check out the SAMLA range from IKEA!
    Now that my room is tidy I've been much more creative... hope you all have fun getting organised and personalising your Nooks!!!

  9. Lol, did you read the comments on that martha stewart link?? i had a little giggle..!

  10. What a great use of space! You have a talent for organisation. I have a room and still manage to overspill all over the house! But did invest in a 15 large see through boxes so getting there.