Monday, 18 January 2010

Important Team Meeting News

The Etsy Ireland had a meeting in Dublin on Saturday just gone and here are a few things that were discussed:

*Most importantly Tanya and Sarah decided it was time that there a shake up in who was co-ordinating the team. They both need time for themselves and their own work. I'm sure I speak for all members when I heartily thank both of them for the mammoth amount of time and work they have put into the team. They brought amazing energy and ideas to Etsy Ireland, and they joined us all together....thank you xx.

*So Alex and Ruth(me) will be taking on the joint role of team co-ordinators for the next 6 months or so. We decided that I would handle the blog side of things, with schedualling, new contributors, and keeping things fresh and interesting. Alex will be running admin, recruiting new etsy Ireland members, and also doing some PR for the team. There are only two of us so volunteers are always welcome! Just convo either of us if you have new ideas for the team, or you would like to contribute articles to the blog.

*We also thought Balanced's idea of having themed projects was great so we thought we would start off easy and see if you guys had and projects made for Valentines Day. If you could send links to your Valentines items to Ruth, then I'll make a collage of them for the blog, and we may vote for a winner too! It would be preferable if your item was listed on Etsy, because then you might sell it. If all entires could be in by Feb 1st, that gives people some shipping time if they wanted to purchase your items.

*We were also wondering if we could get all them Etsy Ireland members emails address please. These will not be made public in any way, but now that the group has grown so much it's very time consuming to be sending individual convos. If you could send a convo to Alex with an email address that you check regularly then she can put together a mailing list. We will use this to tell you about meetings, projects, and any other essential information.

*We also talked about starting the crafty digest again. This is a blog post that has bite-size info about members ie. craft fairs, blog giveaways etc. This only works though if you send us your news, we don't want to be hounding people about it. So if you are selling at a show, or have some news about your shop/crafts that you think would be of interest to the readers forward your info to Ruth

**Or if it's easier, email Alex directly with your email address for the mailing list (rather than going through a laborious convo) alex[at]propellerprints[dot]com.
Thanks! :o)


  1. thanks guys, and looking forward to the next 6 months of etsy

  2. Looks like many things were discussed, wish I could have been there!

    Thank you Tanya and Sarah, and Alex and Ruth, for all that you are doing for the team. We all appreciate it. :)

  3. I hope it wasn't all business girls and you relaxed too :)

  4. Pity I could not make it to the meeting, but I am on holidays away from Ireland now. Great work, so many decisions made, hope there was time for fun too:)
    I think I should try to organize a meeting in Cork when I come back at least just for fun, but who knows, maybe there would even be something useful out of it;)

  5. Don't worry we all had yummy food, a lot of coffee, and we went for a wee browze around Dublin.
    If anyone in Munster wanted to go to a meeting in Limerick I'd happily show people about the craft shops...and pubs :)

  6. Ah.. a wee tear just popped out of me!

    I've absolutely loved leading the team and meeting so many amazingly talented characters. Seeing this team blossom and grow before my eyes has been such a rewarding experience, I think we can all be very proud of what we've acheived so far!

    Together we've built an incredible network of crafty peeps, a dedicated blog of our own, not to mention new friendships! I'm looking forward to seeing what the next six months bring!

    Good luck Alex & Ruth! I have no doubts whatsoever that you'll both do a brilliant job here!

    T xox ;)

  7. A big thank you to Tanya & Sarah for all of your hard work last week - you were fantastic! Sorry I couldn't make it on Saturday - definitely want to get involved though, so will be in touch with Ruth / Alex.
    Judith ♥

  8. Sounds like you had a very productive meeting girls! That's fantastic :) Thank you Sarah, Tanya, Alex and Ruth for all your hard work and dedication to the team!
    ♥ Beth

  9. Tanya and Sarah - you have both done wonders for the team! A big THANKYOU! XOX

    Can understand totally the need to have more time for your own life and work - in truth I'm in awe of all you managed to do in a short space of time.

    Alex and Ruth - good luck! Thanks for taking on the roles.