Thursday, 28 January 2010

Huggleknits gets some Vodafone exposure!

Congratulations to Mo from Huggleknits ... one of her stripey hats is featured in the current Vodafone knitting ad. How cool!

You can watch the ad on YouTube. Well done Mo!


  1. oh my goodness that is amazing! i am so delighted! i have been talking about that ad!

  2. Oh cool, I love that ad!! We saw it in the cinema the other day...I am tv deprived so it's a miracle I know what ad you're talking about. Well Done!!!!

  3. It has certainly changed my t.v. viewing - I now wash the dishes/ make tea etc when the programs are on and sit watching the ads......

  4. That is so cool - I love the ad. Its a great idea to knit tree trunk covers and column covers.