Thursday 3 December 2009

Introducing... PatchworkDelights

Hi there, my name is Fiona. I am new to Etsy Ireland. My etsy shop is called 'patchworkdelights' and here is a bit about myself.

I live in North County Dublin with my husband and two children aged 2 and 7. We moved to Dublin from the UK just over three years ago and soon after I started working as a legal secretary in a Law Firm situated along the quays. Don't try and guess which one there's a few along there!!!!

I hope I make sense as I write this as my 2 year old has just handed me a bag of potatoes! Anyway many years ago my mother taught me how to make a patchwork pin cushion.

I enjoyed making it so much and I still use it to this day that I wanted to learn some more. The basic style of this pin cushion is 'Grandmother's Garden' using paper templates. Once I completed this project I decided to aim big and make a quilt using the same concept. 5 years later I finished it!

if you look carefully you might see that it is hand quilted in gold thread. I have to say I love gold thread and I tend to use it quite a lot.

When I lived in London I heard about a patchwork shop in Kew Gardens called 'A Stitch in Time' and the owner at the time, Krys Evans, gave lessons. What fun and educational classes they were. Absolutely brilliant. I would trek across town with my cutting mat and gear with eager anticipation. Here is the first quilt I produced after those lessons.

This quilt ('Ohio Star') was completely made by hand and by that I mean hand stitched because at this point I didn't have a sewing machine.

Skip on a few years and I have now taken up my patchwork again. i still have a lot to learn and would love to get more advanced with the types of patchwork that some women can create, however I have many books to refer to and the internet is a great source. I find it mostly very relaxing, depending what you are making you can sew watching tv, commutting or for more serious projects that require your machine I can go and work in my spare room or rather my workshop

I have easy access to my stash of fabrics. I think one of the main things I like about patchwork is the fabrics that you can choose from. Sometimes I just want to keep the fabric untouched, uncut because the colours or patterns can be stunning. I picked up a load of fabric at the Knitting and Stitching Show earlier this month.

Well I could go on and on but I'll finish off with a couple of photos of some bags that I am currently making for a customer. They are some totes in various colours. I love making these. They are practical and very strong and above all very pleasing on the eye.

blog and by all means check out my shop when you get a chance. Once I have finished this order I will be posting more new items.

All the best and if you have any queries or requests drop me a line.

X Fi


  1. Nice to meet you Fiona, your workshop looks familiar as I sit here next to my sewing machine and green cutting mats! I agree that one of the best things about patchwork is the choice of fabrics. On Etsy alone there is an amazing range of fabrics, and looking at each day's fresh listings is dangerously addictive!
    The best of luck with your shop x

  2. Nice to meet you:) I love different fabrics with lovely patterns too and sometimes try sawing clothes for myself. Not always successfully tho:D Your work is beautiful, you must have great patience to do it.

  3. Hi Fiona,
    I love your big quilt, 'Ohio Star'. It is amazing that you made all of that by hand.x