Sunday, 29 November 2009

♥ Member Update! ♥

              image courtesy of CutebutGeeky

Hello everyone!
This weeks update really has to start off by thanking Alex, her lovely pr friends and all the contributing members who helped make our very first press release such a success. For those of you who missed the article yesterday, in the Irish Times no less - then check out the online version here! I've uploaded some scans to our flickr group! ;)

Sarah wrote a very helpful article this week, a shopping guide for both Irish customers and sellers alike. The main point being that, all members in the team should be tagging their items with 'craftyirelandteam' - all one word, no space! This means that your items have a better chance of being featured here on the blog, in etsy treasuries and will make it easier for Irish customers to find you for Christmas shopping. So if your most recent shop items are not showing in this search - its time to tag!

Now without further ado, let me introduce to you our latest crop of Irish talent. We have eight fab new members to welcome this week. So if you get a chance over the next couple of days please pay their shops a visit and drop off a heart or two while you're at it! Here are some of the gems I've unearthed this morning... ;)*

♥ Please Welcome ♥

Anka from Fabula

Kate from Feltfieltrofilc

Letizia from Ooakie

Mo from Huggleknits

Niamh from Byathreadhats

Sarah from GoldenAngelCrafts

Sarah from Sarilific

Sorcha from WonderWardrobe

If you are craftsperson living in Ireland and selling online at etsy and would like to become a member of the Crafty Ireland team then please contact either myself or Sarah - We'd love to hear from you!

Best Wishes


  1. What pretty new additions!
    Welcome new members! :)

  2. Love that pendant from Sarilific - ooh I want one!

  3. Natalie - that pendant would look stunning on you! Its the perfect colour too! ;)*

  4. Thank you for featuring my dress from Wonderwardrobe! Loving the love heart headpieces! x

  5. wow! loads of new members! we are HUGE now! welcome to everyone!

  6. lots of Sarah's too Miss Possum! ;P

  7. Great to see so many new shops!!
    And I got to meet one in person yesterday as I was selling at a fair that feltfeiltrofilic was at...really beautiful work, I think I'll be buying one of her flower brooches