Wednesday 11 November 2009

I'll show you mine...

Hey everyone! its Tanya here from the Happy Heart place! ...♥

Well I thought it was high time that I shared with you the colourful mess that I call my studio! Its is an organised mess though and it's very, very me! It smells pretty pine fresh now after my polishing - the things I do for you etsy ireland!!! ...anyways lets have a snoop... ;)*

My main work space - piled high with paints, markers, fabric remnants and a whole menagerie of other arty bits n' bobs. On the chair there are the very first happy heart garlands that I made - I'm hugely sentimental so I try to keep all my 'firsts'. The shelves above hold random pieces of mixed media art and other pretty things that inspire me to create. The polka dot bag holds colourful paper scraps that I reuse for my baubles and other paper creations.

I can't really show you the studio without introducing you to my muse and promo girl (some of you might have met her already) - Miss Arabella! She's a full size mannequin with a pretty mad hairdo of mixed flowers and trinkets that I've found or have been given over the years. I've even stuffed my wedding tiara in there! She's dressed to the 9's in vintage aprons and is wearing a very pouffy petticoat underneath that granny made for my communion many moons ago! The latest addition to her hairdo are those spangly red beads, they have little bells at the end so she actually sounds like Christmas! The noticeboard was a gift from my husband - the writing at the top says 'Hooray - one more job to do and its gin & tonic time!'. Oh and I love my flying chicken clock too!

I'm a doodler and a daydreamer and these little folk are some of my latest! Many of my doodles eventually become fully fledged little characters which feature in my Dolly Mixture greeting cards.

Okay! so that's enough exposure for one day! thanx for poppin' in! If you would like to do a studio tour for Etsy Ireland then please get in contact with me at etsy!


  1. What a fun and colourful place to create!

    Thanks for sharing with us Tanya. :)

  2. Thanks for showing us your workspace Tanya, it looks like such a cheerful and inspirational place to be! No wonder you're so creative :)

  3. it is a very happy place tanya!
    i love your doodles! ♥

  4. I love your work space Tanya! I always get a little freaked out when I see pictures of super tidy studios, whereas a slightly messy one is like a record of an artists work's great!