Monday 12 October 2009


Hi everyone, it's lovely to be part of the Etsy Ireland team. Please
come in and grab a cuppa as I introduce myself ...

I'm Alex from Propeller Prints and I'm fairly new to
the Etsy scene. I'm an Australian girl but I've been living in Dublin now for almost 9 years so feel well and truly at home here. Having said that, I'm writing this post from the beautiful mid-north coast of NSW in Australia as we are back visiting family and friends, so I'm sitting looking out at a eucalyptus bushland not far from the beach on a fabulous clear sunny day - it's supposed to be 27 degrees later on!

I'm a graphic and web designer in my other life and I love playing with colour and pattern in my work. My range of cards and stationery is slowly evolving and the pleasure I get from a day in the studio where I have the time to really immerse myself in designing is the best tonic in the world - as long as there is good coffee to keep the momentum going.

I'm really fortunate to have a great studio space at home which looks out over my garden, so it's always a space I'm happy to while away the hours. It's usually a pretty chaotic mess of paper, ribbon, cut outs, glue, scalpels and coffee cups - but that's how I work best.

My designs at the moment are based around a lot of plant and floral motifs, with some birds and other things trying to make a regular appearance too. Inspiration would be the wonderful Scandinavian traditions of graphic design (including the delicious Marimekko ), colours and shapes of Australian plants and seascapes and the ornate detail of things like William Morris patterns and prints. A great colour resource is the Colourlovers site which is handy for playing around with combinations or just seeing what others are doing. So many things just spark my interest that I seem to have a hundred ideas flying about my brain on a regular basis. If only I could manage to get them onto paper.

And of course I find Etsy such a brilliant treasure chest of incredible design - so many amazing talents are out there. I get inspired regularly by what other Etsy-ers are doing.

Thanks for letting me say hi - looking forward to meeting and getting to know more of the team.



  1. thanks for that Alex! it's so great to hear about you and your creations! they are pretty funky alright, loving the peacocks...

  2. Lovely stuff Alex.
    Great colours!

  3. thanks for taking time out of your holiday to write this Alex! I love your wee shop! ;)*

  4. Hi Alex, I've been living in Melbourne for the past 4 year and only just moved back home to Belfast three weeks ago. I miss Australia so it's nice to read about you in Dublin! Maybe we'll meet on an etsy meet up and I can get a fix of Australianess! Love your work by the way.

  5. Thanks everyone for the comments. You guys rock!

    Lovely to hear from you Bridget, look forward to meeting up at an Etsy gathering. I'm back in Dublin now and had to bring a bunch of real gumnuts back, they will sit on my desk so I can sniff the eucalyptus smell every once in a while for my dose of Australiana.