Tuesday, 27 October 2009

I'll show you mine...

Hi,My name is Claire from Seymour Design based in Dublin. When asked to show my 'studio' I agreed of course, but then wondered where I would get me one of these 'studios'. The truth is I've just flown my lovely parents nest which I had a whole room to mess up with my crafty experiments.

Last week I moved into a lovely flat in Dublin with my boyfriend and for the first time I have to share my space, so my crafting space has been downgraded a fair bit. I think I'll just have to be more spick'n'span than ever before ( which is not going to come easy! ). I've set myself up in a sunny corner in the front room, the light is great in the daytime and looks out on the rose bushes and on the street. I particularly like the stained glass in the exterior and interior windows and each of the neighbours has a different design, all quite art nouveau in style.

My fabric stash is kept neatly in boxes and I have some plastic organising chests for smaller items such as my prized button collection. I love buttons, especially vintage ones. I like to have one unusual statement button to finish off a bag.

This space hasn't really been worked in much yet so I'm sure I'll adapt it to my needs as I go, in the evenings I like to grab my tray full of beads and sit in front of the T.V and see what I can come up with. That's when I enjoy making things the most, when you can relax and do it in your own time.

One day I'd love to have a studio at the bottom of my garden, with a big cutting table and plenty of storage. But for now I'll make do with my sunny corner in the city.


  1. whoops for that early morning comment... just meant to say thanks for that and it's always encouraging to see you don't have to have everything to be sucessful!!! thanks again!

  2. Lovely Claire, as always I'm excited to see other peoples' work spaces! ;)

  3. thanks for sharing your work space!
    i'm crazy over buttons too!

  4. ps. LOVE the ironing board cover! ;)

  5. hi everyone, thanks for all the comments, sorry it took me so long, i just got broadband today...woo hoo! :)

  6. Oh how I laughed at the line 'where I would get me one of these 'studios''! My family are so used to having threads in their dinner, buttons and beads turning up under their plates (why won't this sit flat Mom?) that they would second your observation...please can their Mom have herself one o'them 'studios'!!!

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