Friday 30 October 2009

Fresh 5 on Friday!

This week I've tried to be a good girl and cut down on the aul caffeine - I'm usually drinking coffee by the gallon... especially on the lead up to a big craft fair. So here is my little tribute to the beauty of detox and my latest love... peppermint tea! ;)*

Afternoon Tea necklace with heart by Aboxformytreasure
Lead the parade, Buy Handmade (2 postcards) by EnglishCookies
Blackberry Days by Aisling Kiernan
Sophia Hand Dyed Superwash Merino by LHogan
Handmade Soap with Peppermint and Teatree by LindsayCrafts

♥ Enjoy! ;)*


  1. Fancy having your item featured next week? Then get onto myself or Sarah ;)*

    pssst... i think the crafty digest got buried this week so here's a link!

  2. droollll... spinning fibre ;o) we need the "LOVE IT" button here!

  3. lovely and fresh MMm pepermint tea! it makes you feel so clean, and it is just yum with a bit of chocolate! thanks Tanya!

  4. i love this feature, i've been longing that someone from the etsy ireland team would be selling soaps. ^-^

    i'm looking forward to receive my peppermint soap!

  5. woohoo! our first fresh 5 sale! happy days! ;)*