Tuesday, 15 September 2009


Thought that I would drop a line about my handmade whats-it's and what-nots that I sell under the name, artysmarty. Based in Dublin city centre, I squirrel away in my studio in Broadstone, making women's purses, passport holders, earrings, neckalces, pins and badges as well as some other baby items with funky fabrics. I really love the fabrics that I use, mostly they are Japanese designers, but some are designers in the UK making original, handmade prints, as here for this i-pod cover.

All of the items I make are 100% handmade and I love looking on other blogs and web sites to see what other crafty types are making and what techniques they are using. I trained in ceramics at university in Tasmania and also at post grad level in Sydney which has been a great basis but I also get great inspiration from customers, who often have great ideas and love to chat about their own crafts and interests.

If you want to come and have a look at some of my items in the flesh, come to May Fly (next to the Cake Cafe), The Dublin Flea Market or the Bernard Shaw Car Boot Sale. Love to have a chat to you there!

Angela a.k.a. artysmarty!


  1. this is great! What is the May fly? is it a store?

  2. Great piece Angela! I must say that ipod cover is too cute - LOVE the fabric too Congratulations on your wholesale orders, I must check out the Mayfly next time I'm in town ;)*